World-class trails are coming to campus

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The Cross Loop will connect the campus to numerous parks and trails across Fayetteville and is expected to open in August.

The Fayetteville Traverse Trail Loop should be a one-of-a-kind amenity for U of A students, faculty, and staff.

The natural surface trail, when completed, will link the U of A campus at Markham Hill, Centennial Park on Millsap Mountain, Kessler Mountain Regional Park, Arkansas Research and Technology Park, Tsa La Gi bike park and surrounding neighborhoods, offering a unique outdoor experience.

The shared-use trail is designed to be enjoyed by various user groups, including cyclists, walkers, runners, and adaptive bikes.

The approximately 18-mile natural surface loop will provide a standard, world-class trail, traversing the hillside of Oak Ridge on the U of A campus and providing another outlet for those seeking an escape to the outdoors .

The entire trail loop is designed as a beginner-level mountain bike trail, with the easiest and most premium sections of trail residing in the heart of campus. All ages and abilities of trail users are encouraged to use the trail with respect.

The Fayetteville Traverse Loop is part of a gift to the U of A and the City of Fayetteville from Tom Walton and Steuart Walton. The first years of maintenance are also ensured thanks to their generous support.

The Fayetteville Traverse is a municipal resource and will serve to better connect the community to the Northwest Arkansas OZ Trails.


The Fayetteville Traverse Access Trail will provide an exceptional outdoor recreation and transportation opportunity for students, faculty and staff. Additionally, providing these pathways on campus not only enhances our campus landscape, but also creates recreational opportunities for students without leaving the campus footprint. These are best-in-class, nationally unmatched outdoor recreation opportunities.


The Trailblazers have partnered with Progressive Trail Design to build some key sections of the trail throughout this summer. They are on track to be ready for the return of students and the start of the football season. There will be additional trail work in less sensitive areas of campus that will continue into the fall.

The trail is currently closed for construction, but sections of the U of A trail will be open to the public when classes begin in August.


In addition to one new website dedicated to nature trail networks on campusannouncements will be made as sections of the trails are opened to the public.

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