Woman didn’t spot new ‘Banksy’ graffiti on side of her house until she saw it online

Peggy, who lives in Bristol, said she didn’t realize the famous graffiti artist had decorated the side of her house until she heard about it on the internet.

A potential new Banksy appears on Marsh Lane in Bristol

A woman has told how she failed to notice a new Banksy painting that had appeared on the side of her house in Bristol.

Peggy, who did not give her surname, said she did not notice the world-famous artist tagging her house until she read about it online.

The painting shows a man in a balaclava using a crowbar to open a piece of wood that covers a previous Banksy piece.

The original graffiti shows a small child catapulting a sea of ​​red roses into the air.

It appeared in February 2020 in Barton Hill, but was vandalized the following day.

Vandals scrawled “BCC w****” on the mural which was then covered with plastic sheeting placed over the flowers.

Plastic sheeting was placed over the roses to protect them



Peggy told Bristol Live she didn’t spot the new addition to the graffiti as she didn’t tend to walk in that direction from her house.

She said she didn’t hear anyone creating the new room, although she did hear someone painting the first piece of artwork from inside her home.

Banksy confirmed the original artwork was his the day after it was released, but he has yet to claim the latest addition.

Peggy said whoever did the work, she doesn’t think Banksy is one person but a collective.

Banksy’s original mural appeared on the house shortly before Valentine’s Day in 2020


Bristol Live/BPM Media)

“Otherwise, how could they do it so secretly?” she said.

She recalled how Banksy’s first play was put together just before Valentine’s Day when a cheeky onlooker plucked some of the flowers from the display, knocked on her door and tried to sell them to her.

Banksy’s works can be seen across Bristol, including the Well Hung Lover on Park Street and his Mild Mild West play in Stokes Croft.

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