Winter Christmas carnival in the mountains returns after a year-long hiatus | Events in Wisconsin Dells


Christmas Mountain Village’s main winter event is back after a pandemic-induced cancellation in 2021.

Winter Carnival, an assortment of winter activities for all ages, returns Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It will feature indoor and outdoor events that range from children’s games at the venue’s clubhouse to a skiing event in which attendees wear only bikinis or trunks.

“It’s a bit of a wacky day,” said Kim Lamoreaux, marketing manager for Bluegreen Vacations. “They have weird games, especially on the ski slopes. The winter carnival has been going on for at least 25 years. It’s always the first Saturday in February.

Lamoreaux said the event usually draws “hundreds of people.”

One of the first events is a clubhouse pie contest at 9 a.m., which Lamoreaux describes as his favorite part of the carnival. An hour later is the longest golf walk, where participants golf a tennis ball out of the snow and the furthest distance wins.

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“Imagine trying to kick a tennis ball into a snowdrift,” Lamoreaux said in an email. “It’s not easy, but people do it and win a prize.”

The Pony Barrel Toss is at 11 a.m., where contestants toss an empty barrel as far as they can go. At noon it’s the Cardboard Box Derby, where people bring in a designed cardboard box and drive it down a hill.

“People have to create their cardboard box/sled and bring it,” said Allison Anderson, operations manager for Bluegreen Vacations. “People made Budweiser beer cans and decorated them. There are a lot of different stipulations because of security and things like that. You must wear a helmet and you can only use a certain number of materials. At first we watch them all, then vote which one is the best (watching).

Anderson said the person with the best cardboard box wins a gift certificate. After the race, prizes are distributed according to the finish. Prices and gift certificate were not specified.

Later in the day, competitors can test their ability to handle the cold, as the Bikini Boxer ski race requires them to wear only these items during competition. One of the latest events is the Beer Ski or Snowboard Race, where people test their balance as they race down the ski hill while holding a mug of beer. All participants in these events will receive a cup of coffee.

Kevin Murphy, a Baraboo musician known as “Campfire Kevin”, will also perform at Mulligan’s at 4 p.m.

One of the carnival events, the Pond Ski Skim, has been canceled, according to an email from Lamoreaux. The event is where skiers descend the hill into a pool of icy water. Lamoreaux did not specify why this event was canceled.

Admission to the event is free for everyone, but contest entry costs $5 and each person receives a button. Lamoreaux said the button includes a free drink at Mulligan’s, which is the bar/restaurant located in Christmas Mountain Village. Registration for the event is also done at Mulligan’s. Participation in the ski events will also require a lift ticket, according to Anderson and Lamoreaux. The lift ticket is $55.

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