Werewolf By Night Poster Teases Gael García Bernal’s Dark Side

While Marvel’s D23 reveals weren’t as extensive as many fans had hoped, one of the highlights of their showcase was the first trailer for the upcoming Marvel Halloween special. night werewolf featuring Gael Garcia Bernal. The trailer was a thrilling love letter to classic monster movies and the horror genre in general. However, a new poster has also been released alongside the trailer, which further pushes the special’s genre influences right into Dracula’s castle.

The haunting new poster sees Bernal’s Jack Russell with an unsettling expression of fear on his face as he tries to keep his inner monster at bay. However, behind Jack is his werewolf counterpart who takes the form of his shadow. This is a classic thematic genre trope that beautifully encapsulates the special’s sinister hook. While the brilliantly stylized trailer was very inspired by the Hammer horror era of the 50s and 60s, the poster is more in line with something you would see in a Classic Universal Monster movie from the 40s. Particularly 1941 The werewolf. The way this poster is lit with heavy shadows and a gray background is very gothic in nature. The trailer only gave us teases about Jack’s darker half, but at least from how the monster is portrayed in this image, the MCU’s werewolf seems to be drawing inspiration from the way whose Lon Chaney Jr. appeared in Universal’s classic masterpiece.


Plus, the way Jack is framed in the poster looks like a reference to another horror gem. Jack is positioned as if he is descending some kind of ramp, which makes this shot mirror the infamous scene where Count Orlok slowly climbs a flight of stairs in 1922. Nosferatus. Like this poster, we could only see the creepy shadow of this iconic vampire.

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Marvel dipped its toes in horror water with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness earlier this year, but night werewolf seems to gleefully dive headfirst into the genre’s dark gothic history. Marvel’s Werewolf is a character known to be an enemy of Moon Knight, and the night werewolf The series allowed Marvel Comics to tell full-fledged horror stories they couldn’t in their more traditional superhero books. This special seems to take a page from its source material as the trailer was filled with great atmospheric tension. It helps that it’s black and white, which only added to the nostalgic vibe he was going for. Nevertheless, it seems to be an anxious thriller in the same vein as the Chateau Guillaume classic The house on the haunted hill – the only difference being the literal monsters lurking in the night. In other words, this Halloween special is a horror fan’s bloodthirsty dream.

night werewolf will premiere on Disney+ on October 7, just in time for Halloween. Along with Bernal, the series also features Laura Donnelly who would play the Night Vampire and the special is directed by an Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino. While we wait for Marvel’s next adventure in horror, you can see night werewolfThe new Gothic poster below.

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