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Robin Shute left his 2018 Wolf TSC-FS and rushed to race officials.

He had just come through the fog and drizzle of the 2022 Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and captured the fastest time, but the Briton shook his head and flashed a thumbs down as he slowed past the finish line. arrival.

He was worried, worried about the other riders who would have to struggle with the same visibility issues as him on the home stretch of the hill.

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After the 16 mile marker, visibility disappeared. The newly paved stretches of road along the hill had no lines – only adding to the tricky stretches of fog where the lines and trees provided the only guidance to drivers.

“I enjoyed the road itself,” Shute said. “I was basically idling towards the top when the lines disappeared. These are some of the toughest conditions we’ve ever ridden in, racing or not.

“It was like driving to ski resorts in bad weather, you don’t run anymore then.”

The conditions had a unique impact on Shute’s car.

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The chassis lacks an automatic braking system, power steering or any real computer system. It is simply designed to go fast, preferably on dry roads.

There weren’t many changes made to the car with the forecast calling for wet conditions, but the tires were changed before the race to allow for better grip.

His 1:42.183 was the best split time, set by Shute in his first streak. Once the Hill Climb moved to a higher elevation, visibility and road conditions changed. Almost every 10 minutes, apparently, the road and the fog were different.

“My car is set up to go fast, so when I idle my direction changes,” Shute said. “I have to brake harder at the front of the car in the corners. My car is very low and stiff, and conditions like this require a more grippy and softer car. Even my tires are naturally designed for a track .”

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“I’ve driven it enough to have visual references and landmarks to go from. The rookies are kind of left to figure it out along the way.”

The King of the Mountain win marked the third in four years for Shute, and effectively his third in a row after sitting out the 2020 race due to COVID-19. His winning time in 2019 was 9:12.476, further illustrating the conditions the riders faced.

Sunday’s iteration marked the 100th in Hill Climb’s history, a fact Shute didn’t miss.

“I just found it frustrating to slow down, I love feeling that road,” Shute said. “I’m happy to be here. It’s always great to be here, it’s a shame with the conditions because you don’t even see how special it is.”

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