Two photographs; A file from Central Park; Extell to resume construction on 66th Street

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“Color”, photography by Jane Feldman.

“Camouflage”, photography by Judy Dresher.

By Carol Tannenhauser

April 11, 2022
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The photographs in the Bulletin are a study in contrasts (in other words, we couldn’t decide). The first, by Jane Feldman, came with the deluge of cherry blossom photos we received upon request. We put in as many as we could, but they keep coming. (Thanks!) The ever-growing thread created by Rag readers is definitely worth checking out. Judy Dresher’s photograph came with our request for newsletter opportunities, sent by her husband Ben Orlove. Send your photos to

“Distance runner Oz Pearlman broke the record for the most miles run around Central Park”, cbsny reported. “Pearlman ran 16 loops, or about 116 miles! He put on the mark late Friday night as part of a fundraiser for the people of Ukraine. The New York Times had more details.

Speaking of Central Park, there’s a treat in the Wahpeton Daily News (darn pay wall!) in Wahpeton, North Dakota, proving once again that New York is the standard against which everything else is measured. This story describes how “Chahinkapa Park in Wahpeton compares favorably” to Central Park. For example, “A historic carousel attracts riders of all ages to Central Park. The same goes for the 1926 Prairie Rose Carousel, one of the country’s 150 restored antique carousels in Chahinkapa Park…” and “The Beatles offered a concert in Central Park in February 1964. We have the chance to listen to the outdoor concerts of Kroshus and Krew and the Community Band in Chahinkapa Park during Music in the Park.

Another article from Central Park: “New Zealand promoter Liberty Stage announced today that they are recreating one of the most famous musical events in history, Simon & Garfunkel – The concert in Central Park, according to Scoop Culture. “On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the concert and the release of the multi-platinum album, a group of acclaimed and award-winning New Zealand songwriters and artists will perform music from this very special concert… no doubt the first big rock event of the 1980s.”

Michael Minn is “a teaching assistant professor in the Department of Geography and Geographic Information Science at the University of Illinois, teaching courses in Geographic Information Systems. He also writes essays on NYC and the UWS. Here is a link to some interesting reading. “At many points in his seminal work, The Death and Life of America’s Big Cities, [urban activist] Jane Jacobs refers to Manhattan’s Upper West Side (UWS) as a “failed” neighborhood…This essay describes the history leading up to the “failed” neighborhood of Jacobs’s time and subsequent events who transformed the neighborhood into one of New York’s neighborhoods. more expensive residential areas.

Finally, “Booo….. It’s back…..” wrote a reader referring to the crane at the site of the disputed development at 50 West 66th Street. “After closing the site for over 2.5 years, Extell has begun preparations to resume construction. [They have] permits and can build at their own risk,” said Chris Giordano, president of the 64-67 Streets Block Association. The risk is that they will lose the Landmark West zoning challenge, which was heard in the New York State Court of Appeals on April 6. “You can read Landmark West’s attorney’s response brief here. You can read Extell’s brief here. And to review Landmark West’s filing history in this case on behalf of the community, click here. A decision is expected from the court within 3 to 4 weeks.

“Crane”, photography by Nicholas Huryn.

A-Ziessen Passover and Happy Easter! And Ramadan Mubarak!

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