Top 5 Places to See in Mashobra, an Offbeat Hill Station in Himachal

Nestled beautifully in the mountains adorned with high Himalayan peaks, orchards of apple trees, oaks, deodars and pine trees, Mashobra is a quaint little retreat located in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. Blessed with remarkable beauty with sparkling streams, captivating orchards, emerald oak forests and pious temples, it is considered one of the most idyllic destinations to spend a peaceful time soaking up the tranquil surroundings of nature. The place offers tourists a perfect blend of laid-back escape and adventurous vacation and is famous for its mesmerizing landscapes and cool climate. Hiking, abseiling, fishing, camping, and picnicking are some of the activities that tourists can enjoy here.

Top Attractions in Mashobra

Mashobra is an awesome place to hang out and feel the beauty of nature. It is a delight for nature lovers, adventure seekers, spiritual seekers and occasional vacationers. The place is packed with a number of tourist attractions that leave every traveler here with an excellent vacation experience.

1. Craignano

Located on the Shimla-Naldehra road, Craignano is an Italian villa built as a tribute by Italian photographer Chevalier Federico Pelite to his hometown in Italy. It is reminiscent of the colonial period and one of the best places to visit for travelers in Mashobra. The villa is built entirely of wood and is surrounded by sparkling streams and tall cedars and pines on all sides. The villa has a water lift which is apparently the tallest in the world. The architectural marvel is also a hub for various adventure activities like abseiling, rock climbing, and fishing.

2. Wildflower Room

Nestled amidst dense forests atop Mahasu Peak, Wild Flower Hall is a luxurious mansion with beautiful decor and ambience and spectacular views, making it one of Mashobra’s top tourist attractions. The British era mansion, it served as the residence of Lord Kitchener of Khartoum and Lord Ripon’s favorite summer residence after it burned down in a fire in 1993. It has now been converted into a grand hotel with all facilities modern and sumptuous Amenities.

3. Tattapani River


This freshwater stream is an integral part of Mashobra and is a great place for water sports enthusiasts for adventure activities like rafting and camping. It is also famous for its hot springs from the Sutlej River. Tourists can enjoy the hot water baths here in the open river bed which has rich medicinal values ​​and healing powers.

4. Chadwick Falls

This scenic waterfall has crystal clear water cascading down a massive gorge from an imposing height of 86 meters flanked by pine and deodar trees with views of the massive hills lining the valley. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mashobra. It is said that June to September are the best months to visit here to see the water flowing in full force.

5. Mahasu Devta Temple


Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Mahasu Devta Temple is a popular shrine for locals and a delight for spiritual seekers who come here to seek divine blessings. The temple houses the hallowed sanctuary which offers visitors absolute peace and peace of mind.

The ethereal natural surroundings of Mashobra will leave you mesmerized by all that the hidden hamlet has to offer. The enchanting place has plenty of resorts to relax and bask in during that long weekend you crave. So get ready to experience the untouched kingdoms of Mashobra on your next vacation!

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