This was the real name of Lansdowne Hill station before Delhi, the tongue is hesitant to speak

You must have seen many beautiful places in Uttarakhand but today we have brought such a hill station for you which is so close to Delhi that you can comfortably walk there in one or two days. Yes, we are talking about Lansdowne which is known for its serene and beautiful attractions. This hill station is present in Pauri Garhwal district where high deodar filled forests offer a different unique view. Rishikesh, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Haridwar, Dehradun see the maximum crowds of tourists at Lansdowne. You will experience peace at Lansdowne. Let us tell you a few interesting things about Lansdowne.

How was the name Lansdowne –

The real premiere of Lansdowne was such that of course you had to practice speaking 10 times, yes, the original name of this hilly place was ‘Kaludanda’. In the Garhwali language, it is called Kala Pahar. After that, in 1857, this place was named Lansdowne after the then viceroy of the country, Lord Lansdowne. This is the training center of the Garhwal Rifles Regiment, this center was previously located in Almora. This place is best to settle in a quiet place away from the crowds of the city. The language spoken at this hill station is Garhwali and Hindi.

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What to see in Lansdowne

Lansdowne has something for all kinds of people. If there are mountains of those who love nature, then there is something for those who believe in religious things in this place. Tarakeswar Mahadev Temple, Durga Devi Temple, Jwalpa Devi Temple, St. Mary’s Church are some of the famous places here. If you ask the locals here about the famous temple, their answer will be Tarakeswar Mahadev Temple. Not only that, there is also Bhulla Lake for family picnic, where people go boating on the artificial lake. There are also plenty of swings here for the kids to play on.

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Best time to visit Lansdowne

There’s no better time to visit Lansdowne, as this place is worth a visit all year round. By the way, you can go there to get rid of the summer, and in winter, snowfall and cold here double the pleasure of the trip. Avoid going in the rain, our only advice is that whenever you go take warm clothes with you. Lansdowne still appears in the list of tourist destinations in Uttarakhand.

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How to get to Lansdowne –

By road: Lansdowne is well connected by road with major destinations in the state of Uttarakhand. Buses are readily available from ISBT Kashmere Gate to Kotdwara and Dugadda. Buses and taxis are available to Lansdowne from Kotdwara, Dugadda, Pauri and other major destinations in the state of Uttarakhand. Lansdowne is connected to State Road 119.

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