This Hill Station in Tamil Nadu Allows Honeymooners to Back

Due to emissions restrictions, tourists were able to visit Lake Perijam in Kodaikanal for the first time in two years. Bryant Park of Horticulture, Chettiar Park, Rose Garden, Municipality’s Cockersaw Walk, Tourism’s Boat Ride, Forest Department’s Moorepoint, Guna Cave, Pillar, Green Valley, Pine Forest, Mannavoor Ecological Park and Perijam Lake are all located in Kodaikanal. Even honeymoon couples were refused entry and now they are allowed after 2 years.

Lake Perijam, for example, is located in a forest reserve. As a result, travelers can only visit the lake with permission from the Forest Service. The Hat Rock, Madiketansolai, View Point, Peace Valley and the Green Wrapped Mountain Range can all be seen as you approach Lake Perijam. The Perijam Lake area will pique the interest of tourists. In order to rehabilitate the roads leading to the Lake Perijam area, they were closed in February 2020. Due to continuous corona damage, all tourist attractions have been closed.

As the effects of corona faded, more tourist attractions reopened a year later. The ban on entry to Lake Perijam had been in place for a long time. During the second wave, Lake Perijam was blocked. Permission to visit the lake was requested by tourists and tourist taxi drivers. After two years, the Forest Service granted travelers permission to explore the Lake Perijam area. Permission must be applied for at the Forestry Department office at a fee of Rs. 200. Only 50 licenses will be issued per day, according to the Forestry Department.

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