The NCAA champion could have luck on his side

It’s a bit anti-climactic now.

The Final Four is fun, but it’s nothing compared to opening weekend or even the Sweet 16, and all of the remaining teams except North Carolina had to be there.

Still, the Tar Heels, who are a No. 8 seed, were 8-2 in their last 10 games and beat Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium, a mountain too high for most teams to handle. climb it.

North Carolina and Duke went their separate ways during the regular season, and while the Blue Devils were obviously dedicated to sending Mike Krzyzewski on a winning note, anything can happen when those two teams are playing.

Kansas and Villanova kick off the Final Four in what could be an epic match.

The Jayhawks have a reputation for being a finesse team, but that hasn’t been evident on the field, and the Wildcats are always physical.

They’re blue blood teams with blue in their school colors, which some say helps, but it probably means a whole bunch of schools have blue in their uniforms.

All four have won national championships.

Handicapping the Final Four isn’t easy. Here’s what they did in the NCAA Tournament:

North Carolina had the tougher road, beating the No. 9, No. 1, No. 4 and No. 15 seeds to edge their opponents by a total of 66 points.

Duke beat numbers 15, 10, 3 and 4 by a total of 40 points.

Villanova won numbers 15, 7, 8, 4 by a total of 44 points.

Kansas had the easier road with wins over Nos. 16, 9, 4 and 10 but did so by a total of 65 points.

The winner may be the luckiest.


During the opening weekend, most of the stories were about refereeing.

It seems like the NCAA was giving a lot of youngsters a chance to get some experience, and a lot of the calls were missed or wrong.

Officiating is hard work, but it is the work that the officials have chosen and for which they are well paid.

Yet there is one rule that coaches take advantage of that needs to be changed.

In the last two minutes, the coaches have unlimited challenges on possession. If it’s even close, they ask for a review.

They should be limited to one or two, and for college basketball, critiques should be limited to one minute.

Officials can watch a review in 10 seconds, so do they really need to watch it eight or nine times?


Obviously, the league that has looked the best and deserved each of its five invitations is the ACC, which is currently 13-3 and has two teams in the Final Four.

The Big 12 had six offers, it remains Kansas and it is 11-5.

The Big East had six teams and with Villanova at left, it’s 7-5.

The Big Ten and the SEC seem to have been lucky to get as many offers as they did.

The Big Ten had nine schools and went 9-9.

The SEC had six offers, and thanks to the Arkansas win, three games went 5-6.

The Pac-12, the last of the so-called basketball conferences, featured three teams and went 4-3.


It was no surprise that Judge Hill went to LSU.

The starting point guard for Murray State, who in addition to playing basketball, led Little Rock Christian to a state football championship, helped lead the Racers to a first-round victory in the NCAA Tournament, and when his coach , Matt McMahon took the LSU job, Hill quietly entered the transfer portal.

He was widely recruited last week but decided Tuesday he wanted to continue playing for McMahon even if it means giving up another NCAA tournament. LSU faces seven major allegations of wrongdoing from the NCAA.

Hill has averaged 13.4 points and 5.1 assists for the Racers this season. He has two years of eligibility left.

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