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The Pittsburgh Steelers’ 2021 season is underway and they are hoping for a better result compared to last season. After starting 11-0, they finished the year 1-4 in the regular season, then lost in the Wildcard Round to the Cleveland Browns, on fire with a 0-28 first quarter.

They’ve lost a slew of key players in the offseason, like Maurkice Pouncey, Bud Dupree, Alejandro Villanueva, David DeCastro, Mike Hilton and Steven Nelson, but they’ve also made some big additions over the months including Trai Turner, Melvin Ingram, Joe Schobert and Ahkello Witherspoon. They also added Najee Harris, Pat Freiermuth, Kendrick Green, and Dan Moore Jr., all of whom are starting out.

There isn’t much left to do but play the games at this point. Even if they play them badly. However, they still have a lot to discover, such as what Matt Canada’s offense will look like in any given week, or how the new secondary and offensive line will play.

These are the kinds of questions among many that we explore on a daily basis and will continue to do so. Football has become a lifelong hobby and there is always a question to be asked. There is rarely a concrete answer, but this is your place to explore the topics we present through all their uncertainty.

Question: Can the Steelers defy the odds and win a playoff game?

Like it or not, the Steelers are officially in the playoffs – and trust me, there are a number of Steelers fans who would have preferred to see them not make it. But no matter what one thinks has been in the long term best interests of the organization, the simple fact is that they are in the tournament now.

And they are the seventh seed. They will play against the Kansas City Chiefs again in Kansas City after facing them a few weeks ago. And the Chiefs didn’t even have Travis Kelce for that game, as Tyreek Hill wasn’t much of a factor.

They lost 36-10, one of their worst losses of the season. They open up as underdogs with almost two touchdowns, but they play in the game which means they have a chance of winning the game. Hey, it’s not like they haven’t lost playoff games in which they are clearly the favorites.

One thing that would help would be getting Kevin Dotson and Dan Moore Jr. back on the offensive line and keeping Kendrick Green on the bench. Healthy running back Najee Harris’s arm would also be a welcome touch. And please, no one is blowing on TJ Watt.

The Discovery House describes the side effects of cocaine, such as bad breath https://har-tzion.com/the-discovery-house-describes-the-side-effects-of-cocaine-such-as-bad-breath/ Tue, 04 Jan 2022 19:16:27 +0000 https://har-tzion.com/the-discovery-house-describes-the-side-effects-of-cocaine-such-as-bad-breath/ The Discovery House, a luxury addiction treatment center in Reseda, California, posted a blog post that describes the side effects of cocaine, especially on the mouth. This explores various side effects, such as the link between cocaine and bad breath and other problems with the mouth. Thus, it is important to note that in addition […]]]>

The Discovery House, a luxury addiction treatment center in Reseda, California, posted a blog post that describes the side effects of cocaine, especially on the mouth. This explores various side effects, such as the link between cocaine and bad breath and other problems with the mouth. Thus, it is important to note that in addition to the mental and psychological effects of cocaine, long-term cocaine use can have physical effects, such as dry mouth, oral lesions, tooth decay and other infections. Heavy cocaine use can lead to dry mouth or xerostomia, which means there isn’t enough saliva in your mouth to keep teeth clean and help prevent gum disease and tooth decay. .

A spokesperson for The Discovery House said, “No matter how you ingest cocaine, it’s going to do some damage. Cocaine is most often snorted or smoked. Snorting cocaine damages the tissue between the nose and mouth, which can eventually lead to a hole in the septum. Cocaine is also very acidic. The acids in drugs like cocaine can wear down your tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay and other problems. If your teeth are rotting and your mouth is constantly dry, your breath will not be as fresh.

Another side effect of any stimulant, like cocaine, is bruxism or teeth grinding. Clenching and grinding your teeth will gradually weaken the teeth and eventually cause them to loosen and / or break. People who use cocaine usually don’t know it because it is an unconscious reflex. This habit can lead to canker sores, bleeding gums and bone infections.

And because a common way to take cocaine is to rub it directly on the gums, it can cause the gums to retract and weaken the teeth. Rubbing cocaine on the gums can also lead to painful lesions between the teeth.

An important first step in the treatment of cocaine addiction is cocaine detox. This must be done before a person with a cocaine addiction enters into drug rehab in order to remove the drug from the body. Detoxification will typically take five to seven days, although some people need weeks to fully detoxify. This period can be uncomfortable for the patient due to the withdrawal symptoms, such as lack of sleep, nausea, and fatigue. Sometimes contingency management, which is a kind of behavior therapy, can be effective. Such programs offer patients incentives when they abstain from cocaine and other drugs. These usually include gym memberships, dinner coupons, and other things that can encourage a person to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The problem with cocaine addiction is that it is complex and recovery is usually a long and continuous process. Due to the effect of cocaine on dopamine, a chemical found in the brain, the chances of relapse are high, even for those who have been successful in staying sober for long periods of time. Fortunately, The Discovery House has a recovery program designed to combat cocaine addiction.

Founded in 2008, The Discovery House is a luxury addiction treatment center located in Southern California and accredited by the Joint Commission. It is a premier rehabilitation center in Los Angeles that provides a beneficial environment for people with addiction to help them recover. They provide their services to residents of the communities of Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Ventura, Santa Monica, and Woodland Hills, although they can also accept people from various parts of the United States. This luxury addiction treatment center maintains a 3: 1 client-to-counselor ratio to ensure that each counselor has enough time to devote to each person in the center.

Those interested in drug treatment services for cocaine and other types of substances can visit The Discovery House’s website or contact them by phone. They are reachable 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Those interested in how to identify cocaine In order to find out if their loved one is using the drug, you can also check The Discovery House’s blog posts, which are constantly updated with new updates on the latest in substance abuse prevention and related articles.


For more information on The Discovery House, contact the company here:

The House of Discovery
Admissions staff
The House of Discovery
6956 Bertrand Avenue
Reseda, CA 91335

India’s favorite hill station continues to be under threat https://har-tzion.com/indias-favorite-hill-station-continues-to-be-under-threat/ Thu, 25 Nov 2021 08:00:00 +0000 https://har-tzion.com/indias-favorite-hill-station-continues-to-be-under-threat/ Despite adequate water levels in all of Himachal Pradesh’s major rivers – Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Yamuna, Chandra-Baga (Chenab in J&K) and countless streams and perennial streams from melting glaciers, the state capital, Shimla, continues to be threatened by water insecurity. Many in this city have yet to forget the 2018 water crisis when disturbing images […]]]>

Despite adequate water levels in all of Himachal Pradesh’s major rivers – Sutlej, Beas, Ravi, Yamuna, Chandra-Baga (Chenab in J&K) and countless streams and perennial streams from melting glaciers, the state capital, Shimla, continues to be threatened by water insecurity.

Many in this city have yet to forget the 2018 water crisis when disturbing images of residents scrambling for hours for a bucket of water went viral, a crisis some environmentalists have compared to that of the Cap. Water availability at the time had fallen to 18-19 MLD against the daily requirement of 38-40 MLD, which left the city dry for almost eight days.

Almost three years after the crisis, conditions have shown more minor improvements. Measures taken by the Himachal Pradesh government, including the establishment of Shimla Jal Prabandhan Nigam (SJPN) Ltd, solved part of the crisis by plugging leaks and wastage by replacing old British-era pipes and increasing the availability of water from different sources.

(An old British era water tap at Mall Road in Shimla)

After losing two summer tourist seasons due to the Covid-19 lockdown, water issues appear to be under control for now. There are no street protests, no overflowing tanks, no portable water tankers deployed to supply water to areas affected by scarcity and, of course, hoteliers are no longer sending out “Don’t.” not come to Shimla ”to tourists as in 2018. Instead, many in the city now boast of having an adequate water supply.

“It is incredible but true that the Shimla water crisis is a thing of the past. Whether in high season or during the lean season, the town benefits from a supply of 42 to 44 MLD, sufficient to meet daily needs without water rationing. We also have the ability to take more water now if demand increases, ”said Dharmendra Gill, Managing Director of SJPN Ltd.

In fact, he claims, Shimla is moving towards a 24/7 water supply and smooth operation of the system has already been achieved in some parts of the city.

However, not all are satisfied with the city’s current water supply.

Citizens like Sanjay Chauhan, former mayor of Shimla, question the distribution system which he says continues to be in shambles.

“There is no shortage of water, the availability has gone from 37-38 MLD to 44-45 MLD. Yet many areas of Shimla, including mine, only receive water every other day. It is simply a water management problem that continues to give Shimla a bad reputation, ”says Chauhan.

Despite the improvement in the water supply, water scarcity remains a relevant issue for Shimla, an issue which is likely to become a hindrance for tourists visiting in the future.

A survey by WAPCOS, a government agency, in 2017-18 found that 47% of the city’s water pumped from six different sources is wasted in the distribution network and also in the supply line. Leaks in the water pipes that make up the main supply line were one of the main causes of water loss. The main supply line, which was laid in 1924 by the British, has now been completely replaced, adding at least 3 MLD of water to the supply system.

In 2018-2019, Shimla Municipal Corporation had the old pipeline between Craigneno and Dhalli replaced after an investment of Rs 8 crore. A new system, Koti-Brandi, has also been put into operation with the aim of adding 5 additional MLDs of water. The British-era Gumma water supply – the city’s most reliable system, has been completely overhauled. It provides 21 MLD of water to the municipality.

Even after plugging the leaks, the residual water flowing into 45 sector water storage tanks was going to be wasted in the distribution network. This has been verified to a large extent.

Shimla historian Raaja Bhasin traces the history of Shimla’s water to the 1870s, when Shimla was heavily dependent on the irregular supply of water from a dozen and a half baolis and springs. All of these springs were scattered throughout the city and while some are perennial, others could dry up when they were needed most.

“The Combermere stream, now completely obscured by construction activities, was a somewhat more reliable source at the start. Most of the townspeople drew water from it. Servants carrying goatskin sacks and ‘mashks’ tied to their backs would come and fill the water and bring it home, “he writes in one of his books on Shimla.

Former Congress mayor Narinder Kataria also remembers that the roads in Shimla, especially the mall road, were washed daily. There was enough water in the public taps. But as the population grew, the city’s civic infrastructure was strained and there was a shortage of clean water. The increased influx of tourists further aggravated the situation, which reached its climax in 2018.

Since the establishment of SJPN Ltd, however, the availability of water has increased dramatically. Nevertheless, the distribution network, quite old and woven of millions of small and large pipelines, is still unreliable. An interruption in the electricity supply, for example, can affect pumping and therefore disrupt the city-wide water supply program. These variables always pose a danger to the regular and continuous water supply.

Monsoons also pose serious problems to the city’s regular water supply. During monsoons, the streams flow with high turbidity due to the high slit load, causing water scarcity. So far, no suitable system has been put in place to deal with such eventualities.

Environmental issues and climate change also have an impact on water availability. Most water sources are exploited as perennial rivers and are very vulnerable to climate change. Less snowfall, little or no precipitation can lead to water depletion.

“Climate-related risks will inevitably have an impact on Shimla’s water availability in times to come. Natural water sources depend heavily on snow and rain. It is high time to focus on long term solutions. However, the next World Bank-funded (Rs 1813 cr) project for Shimla to extract water from the Sutlej River is progressing at a snail’s pace, ”said Vishal Gulati, an environmentalist who was part of the Framework Convention. United Nations on Climate Change, Glasgow. Outlook.

Former mayor Sanjay Chauhan also sharply criticized the delay in the implementation of the WB’s water supply project, which, he recalls, was lifted in 2014-15. The cost of the project was then only Rs 900 crore, but it is now Rs 1813 crore. That says a lot about the government’s lack of seriousness towards Shimla’s water problems, Chauhan said.

The Shimla resident attributes the city’s water insecurity to poor water governance, lack of urban planning, poor tourism management during peak season and climate change. He further admits that there is a lack of long-term strategies for water sustainability in urban centers.

Principal Secretary (Urban Development) Rajneesh, who participated in WB negotiations on the Sutlej water project, says the project was a breakthrough nonetheless. Once completed, the project will help provide 24/7 water to the areas of “Greater Shimla” as well as to the peripheral belt areas through a robust distribution system.

The main objectives of the Shimla Water Supply and Sanitation Project include increasing the water supply to Shimla from the Sutlej River with an additional 67 MLD to meet the water demand by 2050, and bulk water supply to peri-urban areas of Shimla to meet the water demand of Special Area Development Authorities (SADA) Kufri, Shoghi, Ghanahatti and other planning areas by 2050.

New Salisbury Police Station: Bourne Hill Police Station inadequate, says CCP https://har-tzion.com/new-salisbury-police-station-bourne-hill-police-station-inadequate-says-ccp/ Mon, 22 Nov 2021 13:57:18 +0000 https://har-tzion.com/new-salisbury-police-station-bourne-hill-police-station-inadequate-says-ccp/ A review of police facilities in Salisbury revealed that the current shared space is not adequate for modern police services. The review concluded that while the current site has “some” facilities to support an agile police force in the 21st century, it does not meet all future requirements. Salisbury Police currently share space with Wiltshire […]]]>

A review of police facilities in Salisbury revealed that the current shared space is not adequate for modern police services.

The review concluded that while the current site has “some” facilities to support an agile police force in the 21st century, it does not meet all future requirements.

Salisbury Police currently share space with Wiltshire Council at Bourne Hill.

Wiltshire Police say there is a need for more space and additional officers for the government to commit to recruiting 20,000 more officers.

Read more: New police station opens in Salisbury, says CPC Philip Wilkinson

Philip Wilkinson, the police and crime commissioner (CCP) for Swindon and Wiltshire, said he was “keeping an open mind” about the nature and location of the new station.

He asked his office to consider options for future policing requirements.

The review was carried out as the first step in the process, after Mr Wilkinson listened to concerns from the force, who shared their frustration that Salisbury Police are away from the townspeople.

After considering all options, the CPC will hold a public consultation on the matter.

Mr Wilkinson said: “The Chief of Police and I believe that in order to provide a quality policing service that keeps our communities safe, we need to invest in our people and make sure they have everything they need. it needs to function effectively for years to come.

“That’s what I plan to do, but at this point I’m keeping an open mind about these solutions.

“It could be an entirely new, purpose-built station, or a building that we are reallocating to suit our needs.

“I want the communities of Salisbury to have officers who can function effectively while improving the ability of neighborhood police teams to be more visible and accessible to the public.

“We are truly grateful to our partners at Wiltshire Council.

“Wiltshire Police have successfully shared a space with them over the past six years and will continue to do so successfully as we consider all of the options available to us.”

Police Chief Kier Pritchard said: “When appointing Mr. County.

“It was based on listening to the perspectives of our officers and staff who worked there and also doing a review of our medium and long term requirements, where we had to consider the implications of working in an uncertain environment. due to the Covid-19 pandemic and also the increase in the number of police officers that we are expecting in accordance with the national Uplift program.

“Having worked very successfully with partners over the years with regard to the shared domain in the south, these two elements in particular mean that we will, in the future, need more space in order to provide a appropriate operating environment from which my officers and staff can operate.

“The CCP has listened to my concerns and we both agree that in the future it is wise to explore succession options so that we can be in the best position to provide the best policing service. possible in our communities of Salisbury and surrounding areas. . ”

Mr Wilkinson added: “Our challenge will be to find the right way to improve the policing situation that works for our officers and staff now and in the future, and to provide the policing service our beautiful town of Salisbury deserves. .

“We know this will require a compromise somewhere, whether it’s location, configuration or just balancing the needs of the police with the aspirations of the city and the finances I have.

“One thing I will not compromise on is the need to ensure that all interested parties are fully engaged in the process and can have their views heard and heard.

“Once my police and crime plan is finalized, I intend to bring all possible options and solutions to the people of Salisbury.”

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Colonial Colonial Station Becomes Malaysia’s Third Biosphere Reserve | Environment News https://har-tzion.com/colonial-colonial-station-becomes-malaysias-third-biosphere-reserve-environment-news/ Tue, 19 Oct 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://har-tzion.com/colonial-colonial-station-becomes-malaysias-third-biosphere-reserve-environment-news/ George Town, Malaysia – Dusk is fast approaching when a hiker spots a weird, hairy bump clinging to a tree trunk along a jungle trail on Penang Hill. It is not a common macaque, but a rare Sunda colugo: similar to a mix between a fruit bat and a giant squirrel, this nocturnal mammal glides […]]]>

George Town, Malaysia – Dusk is fast approaching when a hiker spots a weird, hairy bump clinging to a tree trunk along a jungle trail on Penang Hill.

It is not a common macaque, but a rare Sunda colugo: similar to a mix between a fruit bat and a giant squirrel, this nocturnal mammal glides from tree to tree using a membrane that extends around its body and is one of the many unusual – and sometimes rare – species inhabiting the jungles of Penang Hill.

The central forested area of ​​interconnected peaks forms the largely unexplored and underrated green lung of Penang, the northwest island of Malaysia that was preparing to welcome more than eight million tourists before the coronavirus pandemic hit. stranded almost 18 months ago.

While George Town, the state capital nestled at the foot of Penang Hill and a World Heritage Site since 2008, has helped Penang become one of Southeast Asia’s premier cultural destinations, the natural wealth of the less well known is the island and its 130 million year old forests.

“The forest on Penang Island is amazing and is actually home to a great number of species such as endangered slow lorises, gliding squirrels, civets and mouse deer, which most people are not even aware of.” said Priscilla Miard of the Malaysian Primatological Society, who was the first to discover and study the ultrasonic communication of Sunda colugos on Penang Hill.

Among the island’s natural attractions, Penang Hill, known as Bukit Bendera (Flag Hill) in Malay, is arguably the most popular.

The rare Sunda colugo is one of the endemic animals of the Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve [Kit Yeng Chan/Al Jazeera]

Rising 833 meters above the city, it was first developed as a hill station by the British in 1787 when they were looking for a place to escape the tropical heat of the island they had. colonized.

In September, the hill and its surrounding forest were classified as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO because of their ecological diversity.

Launched in 1971, the UNESCO designation promotes the conservation of wildlife and habitats, the encouragement of sustainable development and the support of long-term studies and research in each of the 714 biosphere reserves it protects in 129 countries.

The bid generated a lot of pride but also concern for the future given the inevitable return of mass tourism to a Malaysian state well known for its development aspirations and highly controversial planned megaprojects.

Small but unique

Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve (PHBR) is the third such site in Malaysia after Tasik Chini, a wetland near the town of Kuantan in the eastern part of the peninsula, and the Crocker Range from Sabah to Borneo in Malaysia .

The new biosphere comprises an unbroken link of 125 km² (48.2 km²) of land and water stretching from Penang Hill to the northwest coast of the island and to the sea. It includes the forest reserves of the ‘State, historic botanical gardens – first opened in 1884 and curated by British botanist Charles Curtis – Penang National Park, and its coastal and marine ecosystems.

“The Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve is unique in many ways,” Nadine Ruppert, senior lecturer at the School of Biological Sciences at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Penang, told Al Jazeera.

“It is one of the smallest biosphere reserves in the world, but it includes four different ecosystems (marine, coastal, lake, forest) with rare and endemic species. It provides an altitudinal gradient from zero to 800 meters above sea level with different areas of human impact that allow researchers to study the effect of anthropogenic disturbances and climate change on its sensitive biodiversity ”, a- she added.

The Habitat is a nature reserve at the top of Penang Hill and was part of the collaborative effort to achieve biosphere reserve status for the region [Courtesy of The Habitat]

When the British first developed Penang Hill the only way to reach the top was a rugged track, but as interest grew it became possible to travel by horse-drawn carriage and in 1924 a funicular was open.

The rail link, one of the steepest in the world, was completely modernized in 2010 and in 2019 alone it attracted 1.38 million visitors to viewing platforms, restaurants, cottages colonial buildings and tourist facilities that now congregate around the upper station.

The submission process, a collaborative effort involving academics, state-owned Penang Hill Corporation and The Habitat, which manages a hilltop nature park of the same name, began in 2016.

Ruppert oversaw parts of the proposal to help draw attention to Penang’s rich but inconspicuous biodiversity.

“The results of our BioBlitz in October 2017 – a rapid assessment of biodiversity from forest soil to treetop in the Penang Hill rainforest involving a team of 117 local and international scientists and bioscience students – provided the science of basis for application, ”said Reza Cockrell, co-founder and director of The Habitat.

The group knew that Penang Hill’s environment was quite diverse, but their findings once again proved that despite the hill’s proximity to the city, its ecosystem is alive with rare species such as the dark-leaved monkey in endangered and the Sunda slow loris. It also has rare plants and at least 144 species of orchids.

“We hope that the inscription will attract more academics to conduct research and education activities in Penang Hill, which can then guide us towards effective preservation strategies,” said Cheok Lay Leng, general manager of Penang. Hill Corporation, which oversees the hill. Al Jazeera.

The funicular brought many more visitors to the hill, which is the site of a multi-million-year-old forest [Supplied/The Habitat]

The listing was also praised by Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow, who said it could encourage eco-tourism within the state.

“We believe that Penang can strike a delicate balance between mass tourism and the conservation of this biosphere reserve, which means propelling Penang tourism through this victorious inscription without losing sight of the necessary conservation work,” Yeoh said. Soon Hin, Executive Councilor of the State of Penang. for tourism and the creative economy.

Balancing the future

Yet while there is much to celebrate with the inscription, environmentalists are cautious, noting Malaysia’s poor record in protecting its natural resources, despite being one of the 10 hotspots in the country. biodiversity in the world.

Tasik Chini, the second largest natural lake on the peninsula, was designated a biosphere in 2009 due to its unique humid environment. However, regardless of its protected status, there has been extensive conversion of the surrounding forests to agriculture and mining, resulting in siltation and pollution of the lake waters.

Pending UNESCO’s usual ten-year review, Tasik Chini risks losing his status by September 2022 if he does not comply with actions that UNESCO submitted to the relevant Malaysian authorities in May.

“Habitat destruction is [also] a serious threat to the hills of Penang, with various protests, quarrying, uncontrolled and unsustainable agriculture, residential development and mega transport projects, ”said local hiker expert Rexy Prakash Chacko, co-founder of Penang Hills Watch, a citizens’ initiative to monitor activities that affect the environment of Penang.

Local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and environmentalists are reporting ongoing projects the state government had planned for Penang Hill prior to listing. Facilities for visitors to the top station began undergoing an upgrade to 9.3 million Malaysian ringgit ($ 2.2 million) in March, while a 150m Malaysian ringgit cable car project ( $ 36 million) is expected to open within the next five years.

The iconic Penang Hill funicular train on the colonial viaduct near the top station [Kit Yeng Chan/Al Jazeera]

“Both are in the biosphere reserve’s transition zone, where human activity and sustainable development are not only allowed but encouraged,” Allen Tan, managing director of The Habitat Penang Hill, told Al Jazeera.

Cheok of Penang Hill Corporation added that many other national parks and UNESCO World Heritage sites also have environmentally friendly cable car systems, and the one in Penang “will help ease the pressure. [existing] funiculars ”, stressing that all trees felled for the project will be moved and replanted.

Unsung heroes

If sustainable human activity is to be encouraged, then the priority should be to broaden attention to the entire biosphere reserve as a connected ecosystem. This is especially important after 18 months of coronavirus-related travel restrictions, which have drawn thousands of Penang residents to the hiking trails that have long crisscrossed the region.

Even though the spike in local appreciation for Penang’s natural environment resulted in more garbage and vandalism along the trails – several boulders were disfigured with rainbow-style graffiti to create photo spots suitable for people. social media or the harsh surrounding of dozens of mature trees in early October – it is mainly thanks to local hikers that the hill and its surroundings have remained accessible and patrolled in recent years.

This was especially true before the historic 2008 elections, which saw the dismissal of the former Barisan Nasional government, whose neglect “resulted in hiking trails being left primarily to the backpacking community,” said Ng Seow Kong, the organizer of the Ultimate Trails of. Penang races.

Still, popular trails that are now part of the reserve – like the 90-minute hike from Penang National Park headquarters to popular Monkey Beach, which runs along the island’s northwest coast, taking hikers through rainforest trails, coastal boulders and palm-tree beaches – have been in ruins since long before the pandemic, with fallen trees and broken walkways.

“The authorities have spent millions to promote cycling, such as… the creation of special dedicated lanes on the island, but have not made any special allowance to improve and modernize the hiking trails, as far as I know.” said Suthakar Kathirvaloo, who has spent 10 years hiking all over Penang, adding that most improvements to existing facilities are only undertaken with donations from the public.

The popular Monkey Beach is one of the westernmost corners of the new Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve [Kit Yeng Chan/Al Jazeera]

“It would be prudent for the state government to reconsider its proposal to build the cable car,” said Rexy of Penang Hills Watch. “Resources [should] enhance the natural attributes and facilities of Penang Hill that would be preferred by tourists of the “new normal”… to make the most of Bukit Bendera’s natural and historical heritage, without compromising its fragile ecological integrity.

What is the fate of the Hill Top House Hotel? https://har-tzion.com/what-is-the-fate-of-the-hill-top-house-hotel/ Mon, 12 Apr 2021 07:00:00 +0000 https://har-tzion.com/what-is-the-fate-of-the-hill-top-house-hotel/ Sometimes a little exploration can pay off. On a 2012 trip to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, my wife and I discovered a large abandoned hotel overlooking the Shenandoah River. The property included many other buildings as well as this million dollar view. We returned to the site the first week of April this year and […]]]>

Sometimes a little exploration can pay off. On a 2012 trip to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, my wife and I discovered a large abandoned hotel overlooking the Shenandoah River. The property included many other buildings as well as this million dollar view.

We returned to the site the first week of April this year and found that it was still abandoned and in much worse condition than nine years ago.

But, of course, there is a story here.

Opened in 1888, the Hill Top House Hotel served as the first hotel until 2008. It was rebuilt after two fires in 1912 and 1919 and was founded and operated by Thomas Lovett, an African-American businessman. Over the years, it has attracted many famous guests, including Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Bill Clinton, as well as Alexander Graham Bell and Mark Twain.

The property may be abandoned, but this is not forgotten, as it was purchased in 2007 by SwaN and Legend Venture Partners. The new owners drew up extensive plans to renovate – in fact rebuild from the foundation – the hotel, returning it to the grandeur it once enjoyed. In fact, the new design replicates the look of the hotel in 1912.

Plans for the property include a 120-room resort with a spa and infinity pool, chef’s garden, bowling alleys, and conference facilities. Plans for other historic buildings on the property include living history hotel suites and cooking and photography schools.

The developers were planning to start construction on the $ 139 million project in 2020, but of course the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted that.

But this is just one obstacle in a long history of political intrigue in small towns that has delayed the project. This plot includes a contested municipal election, which ended in the Supreme Court of West Virginia. After a 13-month legal battle, the court ruled that four uncounted provisional votes should be allowed, which knocked out an incumbent with one vote. The controversy also included an illegal vote cast by the mayor’s daughter who lives in Salt Lake City. She was convicted of illegal voting.

After all of this, Harpers Ferry officials seem to support the project, but the two sides can’t seem to cross the finish line.

At the top of the list of issues is the ownership of the roads leading to the property. As this is a residential area, the roads are publicly owned. The promoter is ready to buy the roads and improve them; city ​​officials want a long-term lease.

The developer says funding is dependent on ownership of all properties around the hotel.

There is no doubt that the hotel would be a major economic boost for the historic city of 300 residents, but feelings are mixed about the project.

The state appears to be okay with the project and has given owners $ 48.6 million in tourism tax credits.

The co-founder of the investment firm, Fred Schaufeld, is well known in Washington, DC, as a co-owner of the Nationals, Wizards, Mystics and Capitals. He and his wife, Karen, are active in organizations dedicated to education, health, environment, peace, interfaith tolerance, military support and the arts.

For now, Hill Top House Hotel is an idea on paper.