Steamboat’s Elevate Mountain Race Camp Shows Students Greater Running Awareness

Elevate Mountain Run Camp athletes run on the Spring Creek Trail on Friday, July 15.
Tom Skulski / Steamboat Pilot and Today

Running through the mountains is more than just staying in shape. Although it’s a great form of exercise, it can also be used as a way to clear your mind and test your limits.

Lisa Renee Tumminello, head coach at Steamboat Springs High School, embraces this concept and tries to instill it in her students.

“It’s not just about running, but how we can make them better human beings or dream bigger or think bigger,” Tumminello said.

Along with Colorado Springs running coach Jeremy Strom, Tumminello created the Elevate Mountain running camp to deepen their approach to running and give their athletes the opportunity to experience something they have never experienced before. .

Camp means a lot to children who range from middle school through college freshmen.

Alex Hanna, a junior at Steamboat Springs High School, loves the family environment created by camp and uses it as an opportunity to see friends year-round.

“I’ve been with the team for two years, it’s really become a kind of family and I try to have every chance I can to be with them. This camp is a great way to stay with them all year round and all summer,” Hanna said.

Athletes from Elevate Mountain Running Camp complete their morning run on the Spring Creek Trail on Friday, July 15.
Tom Skulski / Steamboat Pilot and Today

The camp attracts more than runners from Steamboat Springs. There are athletes representing many parts of Colorado and several other states including Texas, Georgia, Iowa, Utah and Wyoming.

Kairi Bruck, a high school freshman from Texas, came to camp to challenge herself and learn new skills that she can take back to her hometown team.

No matter how much training, it takes some time for these foreign athletes to acclimate to the difference in altitude that comes with Steamboat. It’s a total change of pace for them, but an experience they can carry with them forever.

“I really love this town and running these trails. I run Ditch Loop about three or four times a week when I’m home. It’s cool to share these trails with other people and run with friends and get closer to the cross country team,” said Trevor Harms, a senior at Steamboat High School.

The athletes moved into the dorms at Colorado Mountain College on Wednesday, July 13 and stayed until Sunday, July 17. The camp started immediately after their arrival.

The agenda is filled with races at places like Howelsen Hill, Buff Pass and Spring Creek. They have more relaxing activities after their runs, including ultimate frisbee, yoga, and swimming.

There are also several panel discussions that the coaches lead on topics such as mental toughness, goal setting, hydration and how to measure success.

Athletes feed off the energy coaches bring to camp and find new ways to fall in love with the race and themselves.

Tumminello’s ultimate goal was to use the mountains as a way to change the hearts and souls of children and teach them more than just running.

“It’s really the spirit of it, and running to run and how that translates and manifests in other ways of being in their lives,” Strom said. Definitely thanks to Mrs. Renee’s guidance and this place creates a truly amazing space for that to happen.

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