South Side Community Art Center uses grant to showcase black artists

CHICAGO A new grant for the South Side Community Art Center helps the institution stay true to its mission of conservation, protection and preservation as the center showcases black artists.

The institution opened on the corner of 38th Street and Michigan Avenue in 1940 and remains a hidden gem in the Bronzeville community.

The center was originally sponsored by the New Deal-era Works Progress Administration. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt attended the dedication ceremony.

“Art is a way to capture history, and I love art because it allows you to see history in a variety of forms,” ​​said Executive Director Monique Brinkman-Hill.

Brinkman-Hill has been in the position for two and a half years and oversees the $75,000 grant the institution received to help preserve and digitize works by black artists.

“For us, the end goal is to really bring those stories into the conversation so that we really understand who we have been, who we are now, and where we could be going,” said Ellen Wadey of the Donnelly Foundation.

The South Side Community Art Center is preparing to open a new public exhibit on April 15 – celebrating LGBTQ artists.

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