Sleigh Sisters; DA Jack McCoy testifies for Delacorte; Who does (not) live in the Supertalls?

Posted January 31, 2022 6:00 AM by West Side Rag

Photograph by Carol Brewer.

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the calendar has lots of local events!

A group of nuns went to the hills of Central Park after blizzard Kenan blanketed the ground in snow, the New York Post reported. “Three of the sisters, dressed in their white coats and snow boots, sat on a circular sled while another pushed them. They shouted with joy as they raced down the slope, tumbling to the bottom.

A highlight of the Landmarks Commission hearing regarding the redesign of the Delacorte Theater was “the testimony of none other than the actor Sam Watertona.k.a Law and order District Attorney Jack McCoy,” Gothamist reported. Waterston, who was named a “Living Landmark” by the New York Landmarks Commission, explained how he got his first talk on a New York stage at the Delacorte a year after it opened. [60 years ago.]“The renovation plans have been approved.

Who buys apartments in these luxury supertalls? The Real Deal offered some insight. “Gary Barnett’s Central Park Tower has its first resale. Apartment 46-C in the building at 217 West 57th Street has been listed for sale for $19.85 million. Juan Carlos Gonzalez Jaramillo — a developer who splits his time between Florida and South America — bought the unit in August 2021 for $14.8 million, according to public records. 217 West 57th is said to be the tallest apartment building in the Western Hemisphere.

Human remains were found in a tent in Central Park on Friday, according to the Daily News.

Nearly 200 workers at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) took steps to form a union last week. “I think for all of us the main concerns were COVID safety, especially for staff who have contact with visitors, and pay and benefits issues,” said AMNH employee Alexandra Walling. and union member, at Patch. “Many employees were on extended leave at 80% of 60% pay for many months since COVID began.”

Stephan Russo, former Executive Director of Goddard Riverside, spoke with and about our new Councilman, Gale A. Brewer, in the spirit of the West Side. “Gale was often my trusted person…. She was always holding my feet to the fire, sometimes scolding me for not attending enough community meetings. She is relentless in her love for the West Side, tenacious in her drive to improve the quality of services in her community, and is quick to let others know her position on issues. If you need help from a government agency or official, the mantra has always been, “Go see Gale!”

Finally, a bald eagle is staying in Central Park, and NBC News released a slow-motion video of him (he’s already been identified and tagged, and even dubbed “Rover”), as he hovered above the UWS. Our democracy may be sick, but our national bird is thriving. A 2021 report from the US Fish and Wildlife Service found that American bald eagle numbers have quadrupled since 2009, with an estimated 316,700 birds living in the lower 48 states.

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