Shortland Street – The Podcast: The Lighter Side of Ferndale

The “Please tell me that’s not your penis!” the scene has become an iconic moment for Shorty St. Photo/South Pacific Pictures

Helicopter crashes, medical emergencies, serial killers and volcanic eruptions – Shortland Street is best known for its dramatic drama, but the country’s favorite soap opera has inserted some funny characters between the cliffhangers.

On today’s episode of Shortland Street – The Podcast, presented by NZME and iHeartRadio, host and Shorty star Kura Forrester is joined by Ben Barrington – better known as Drew McCaskill – and former actor-turned-writer Laura Hill – who played Toni Warner until 2008 – to discuss the funniest moments and characters from the show’s past.

Barrington made history for one of the show’s most iconic funny moments – when a backed-up sewer pipe saw Drew caught in a “poo-nami”.

Hill said the props department made “the most disgusting, realistic poo” to shower Barrington with.

“They sometimes come to the production office or the writers office, and say ‘look what I did’ and we say ‘Wow, that’s a poo! “”

The fake poops were made from honey, chopped nuts and digestive biscuits — and would certainly have been edible, Barrington said.

While the scene has become one of Shortland Street’s recent iconic moments, Barrington said it was a very physical scene with a lot of logistics, so it was actually an incredibly serious scene to film.

“At the time, it was really just a comedy scene like any other. Before, it was really very serious because if you had to do it more than once, it would have been a nightmare to reset “, due to the number of accessories and the water involved.

“And then it was literally ‘it’s a purchase, a deposit to sort out.’ a tie and I made another [scene]. It was just another day at the office.”

Hill’s on-screen son and former husband Harry and Chris Warner were also part of one of the other famous moments with the iconic “Please tell me it’s not your penis!” line.

She said that although the scene became an instant classic, there was some awkwardness when international media coverage made it seem like the line was a mistake or not meant to be funny.

“Fuck you, that was intentionally comical!”

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