Saddleworth: Upset after the deer stayed on the side of the road after being hit by a car

Villagers have been left in shock after a deer was seriously injured by a car and left on a road on Friday evening.

Deer, the shyest and most inconspicuous families of animals living in the hills of Saddleworth, face their greatest threat to survival from the speed of vehicles.

In recent weeks three deer have been killed and left on the roadsides bordering the main A62 Oldham to Huddersfield Road.

And the latest reported incident came on Friday evening when locals took to social media to express concern after a deer was shot near the junction of Harrop Green Lane and Huddersfield Road.

An eyewitness said a car hit a deer but drove away leaving it injured.

The incident was reported and the police intervened and unfortunately had to put the deer to sleep.

Conservationist and campaigner Hailey Wild, who has faithfully tracked wandering deer groups over the years, said: ‘The community has become very fond of their deer.

“Twenty years ago you heard only the whispers of Oldham’s elusive mystery deer.

“But in recent years they have populated the countryside and regular sightings are being made by locals.

“They are the mother of all flying animals and can therefore prevent drivers from reacting in time.

“Driving more carefully and appropriately for the roads and slowing down on tight corners would definitely help.”

She added: “Don’t let an animal suffer if you unfortunately hit one.

“Contact either the RSPCA, the local wildlife rescue or the police on 101.

“Contrary to popular belief, an animal will not die quickly and may suffer in agony for hours before dying.

“With deer, place a blanket or towel over their head, do not pet them or talk, as this may deter them from getting up if the injury is minor.

“In most cases, they will unfortunately have to be euthanized.”

Saddleworth North Councilor Pam Byrne, who raised the issue with council, said: ‘I have asked the Freeways in Oldham to heed the deer warning signs as we have had a number of fatalities .

“The request has been sent to an officer to review numbers and budgets.”

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