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Seppi Stieger. (Photo provided)

The New York Ski Educational Foundation recently announced that Seppi Stiegler will take over as head coach of men’s alpine skiing.

Stiegler will now lead the International Ski Federation’s men’s preparation and competition programming at NYSEF and Northwood School, which includes supervision of strength and conditioning, on-snow training and ongoing support of the equipment.

“Seppi brings a new perspective from outside our program and our region,” NYSEF Executive Director John Norton said in a statement. “Combined with his success as an athlete and his experience at the highest level of sport, he will add to an already seasoned and talented pool of coaches and bring new perspectives to all of our FIS athletes. We can’t wait to welcome him to our community and get started.

Stiegler’s ski racing journey began in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, before moving to the winter sports school in Park City, Utah.

He was a three-time NCAA All American and individual national champion at the University of Denver where he earned a degree in business administration with a minor in economics.

“It exemplifies what a successful career as a college and collegiate athlete looks like,” Norton said. “He has perspective for all of our student-athletes on how to balance sport and work now and beyond NYSEF and (he) can understand their aspirations.”

After graduating, Stiegler was named to the United States Ski Team.

“It’s an honor to have Seppi lead our FIS men’s team,” Northwood School program director Tommy Biesemeyer said. “His father, Pepi, is an Olympic gold medalist for Austria; his sister, Resi, is a three-time Olympian and a member of the US Ski Team for 19 years. Seppi was also an NCAA National Champion and a United States Ski Team athlete. We are delighted to work with Seppi and I look forward to seeing our athletes develop under his guidance.

After his time with the USA Ski Team, Stiegler continued to compete independently for three years with Peter Lange and Team America. He simultaneously competed while working summers for the Erich Sailer Ski Race Camps where he was introduced to coaching.

“I had the unique opportunity to be a race coach for many years with Erich Sailer and Alan Lauba at Crystal Mountain Alpine Club,” said Stiegler. “They understood the importance of having role models and mentors around their skiers. The crossover between training and racing was new, exciting and helped me become a better athlete and guide myself. I saw the impact I had on the children and immediately found joy in sharing my knowledge.

In 2016 Stiegler began coaching at the Jackson Hole Ski Club and in 2017 he launched the Stiegler Ski Racing Camps. During his time with JHSC, he quickly became the Head Coach for FIS Alpine, where he helped develop elite-level junior athletes to grow up to compete on NCAA teams and development groups. nationals.

Stiegler Ski Racing Camps was born with a camp in Saas Fee, Switzerland, and grew into a year-round post-graduate program under his leadership.

Stiegler will work alongside FIS Women’s Head Coach Jeremy Transue and U16 Head Coach Patrick Purcell. Together they will collaborate on a number of programs including camps, conditioning, training and more.

“I am delighted to welcome Seppi,” said Transue. “He demonstrates a level of professionalism and commitment to his athletes and will have a lasting impact on the program. We will develop a supportive team environment on and off the track for the NYSEF/Northwood men’s and women’s FIS programs.

“I’ve been very lucky to have had exceptional coaches over the years,” said Stiegler. “I appreciate them more every day and am grateful for the independence and self-confidence they have helped me develop. I traveled the same path as our skiers. This is a great opportunity for us to share what I know and create the same opportunities for others.

Stiegler will begin working with the NYSEF and Northwood School FIS men’s team this spring and will join NYSEF full-time in Lake Placid in early fall.

Off the hill, Stiegler enjoys all sports, including mountain biking and mountain biking, running and spending time with his future wife, Alex.

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