New Salisbury Police Station: Bourne Hill Police Station inadequate, says CCP

A review of police facilities in Salisbury revealed that the current shared space is not adequate for modern police services.

The review concluded that while the current site has “some” facilities to support an agile police force in the 21st century, it does not meet all future requirements.

Salisbury Police currently share space with Wiltshire Council at Bourne Hill.

Wiltshire Police say there is a need for more space and additional officers for the government to commit to recruiting 20,000 more officers.

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Philip Wilkinson, the police and crime commissioner (CCP) for Swindon and Wiltshire, said he was “keeping an open mind” about the nature and location of the new station.

He asked his office to consider options for future policing requirements.

The review was carried out as the first step in the process, after Mr Wilkinson listened to concerns from the force, who shared their frustration that Salisbury Police are away from the townspeople.

After considering all options, the CPC will hold a public consultation on the matter.

Mr Wilkinson said: “The Chief of Police and I believe that in order to provide a quality policing service that keeps our communities safe, we need to invest in our people and make sure they have everything they need. it needs to function effectively for years to come.

“That’s what I plan to do, but at this point I’m keeping an open mind about these solutions.

“It could be an entirely new, purpose-built station, or a building that we are reallocating to suit our needs.

“I want the communities of Salisbury to have officers who can function effectively while improving the ability of neighborhood police teams to be more visible and accessible to the public.

“We are truly grateful to our partners at Wiltshire Council.

“Wiltshire Police have successfully shared a space with them over the past six years and will continue to do so successfully as we consider all of the options available to us.”

Police Chief Kier Pritchard said: “When appointing Mr. County.

“It was based on listening to the perspectives of our officers and staff who worked there and also doing a review of our medium and long term requirements, where we had to consider the implications of working in an uncertain environment. due to the Covid-19 pandemic and also the increase in the number of police officers that we are expecting in accordance with the national Uplift program.

“Having worked very successfully with partners over the years with regard to the shared domain in the south, these two elements in particular mean that we will, in the future, need more space in order to provide a appropriate operating environment from which my officers and staff can operate.

“The CCP has listened to my concerns and we both agree that in the future it is wise to explore succession options so that we can be in the best position to provide the best policing service. possible in our communities of Salisbury and surrounding areas. . ”

Mr Wilkinson added: “Our challenge will be to find the right way to improve the policing situation that works for our officers and staff now and in the future, and to provide the policing service our beautiful town of Salisbury deserves. .

“We know this will require a compromise somewhere, whether it’s location, configuration or just balancing the needs of the police with the aspirations of the city and the finances I have.

“One thing I will not compromise on is the need to ensure that all interested parties are fully engaged in the process and can have their views heard and heard.

“Once my police and crime plan is finalized, I intend to bring all possible options and solutions to the people of Salisbury.”

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