New Pine Mountain ski jump is safer and more efficient

IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich. (WLUC) — The newly renovated Pine Mountain Ski Jump will see its first action.

Made of fiberglass and steel, Pine Mountain’s new ski jump will host its first competition this weekend. The height of the jump didn’t change, but the $3.4 million project was a necessary investment.

“This was necessary for us to continue and maintain our Continental Cup certification, and ultimately make us a World Cup candidate in a future state,” said Eric Hiatt, Continental Cup Chief Competition Officer.

The head of Continental Cup competition said the facility still needed to improve its judging and coaching rounds before it could host a World Cup.

Some improvements already made include the fiberglass and steel vault, instead of wood and steel, there is a new heated cabin for athletes, and maintenance technology is improved. Hiatt says prep work was used by 14 workers over 40 hours.

“We did the same amount of work with 11 men and did it in just 13 hours of work. The jump is infinitely safer, infinitely less laborious, it was a pleasure to climb the slope,” said Hiatt.

Hiatt says with the new technology, the hill could be ready to jump in 15 minutes. The newest equipment is a Topspeed nylon cover.

“In the previous world, we had to cover that with Visqueen with about 10 men when it’s blowing at 20 miles per hour to allow the snow to fall off of it,” Hiatt explained. “Then let the snow fall, then remove the Visqueen. Now you can press a single button and it rolls up and down, and the snow slides away.

The start of the course for competitors begins at the base of the jump. They will climb the 10 floors to the top. After climbing 100 steps, they will reach the top.

Visibility from the top is about 13 miles long. The hill is ready to go, only the jumpers are missing.

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