Mount Abu hill station thrilled with mist

The weather turned pleasant due to continuous rain in Mount Abu hill station. Tourists are delighted to see the mist over the mountains, the flowing waterfalls and the movement of the clouds. So far in this monsoon season, Mount Abu has received one thousand 197 mm of rain. For this reason, Chadar runs in Lake Nakki for several days.

According to the media, due to the rain, waterfalls began to flow in the mountains. What tourists appreciate very much. The inflow of water into Lake Nakki has increased. Seeing the movement of mist and clouds over the mountains near Nakli Lake, tourists fiercely take selfies. Seeing Lake Nakki, which has been overflowing for a few days, there is happiness on the faces of the inhabitants.

The city has so far recorded 1,000 197 mm of rain. The Lower Kodra Dam is also about to overflow. This dam has a filling capacity of 59 feet, which is filled. The lower Kodra dam can overflow as soon as it rains more. Surrounded by lush green plains, Mount Abu is the highest and nearest single hill station in Rajasthan. It is also called “Kashmir of Rajasthan”. The natural beauty of Mount Abu wins the hearts of tourists. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists come to Mount Abu to enjoy the good weather

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