Matheran, Asia’s only car-free hill station, will soon have electric rickshaws on the roads

Matheran, Asia’s only car-free hill station near Mumbai, will now have vehicles running on the roads.

According to news reports, the Supreme Court has given permission to the Maharashtra government to implement its proposal to introduce a few eco-friendly electric rickshaws in the eco-sensitive area of ​​Matheran on a trial basis. This operation takes place after verification of its feasibility in the said area.

Located about 108 km from Mumbai city center and 120 km from Raigad district, this beautiful hill station is part of the greater Mumbai Metropolitan Area (MMR). If the reports are to pass, a retired teacher, who resides in Matheran, had asked the Supreme Court to have electric rickshaws allowed to operate in Matheran.

Now Mahendra Kalyankar, Collector of Raigad District and Surekha Bhanage, Chief Executive of Matheran City Council, will get the ball rolling. The place has more than 90 hand-pulled rickshaws and about 500 ponies while the Indian government’s Ministry of Environment and Forests has declared Matheran an eco-sensitive region and the only automobile-free hill station in India. Asia.

Nestled in the magnificent Western Ghats, Matheran was discovered by Hugh Poyntz Malet, then Collector of the Thane District, in May 1850. Then the Governor of Bombay, Lord Elphistone, laid the foundations for the development of this future hill station in the time.

Over the years, Matheran has transformed into a beautiful hill station and is now one of the best heat escapes in Maharashtra.

  1. Which season is the best for Matheran?
    Matheran enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year, but the best time to visit is between October and May.
  2. Is Matheran pollution free?
    Known for its pollution-free air, Matheran is about to undergo a change as some of the hill station residents have exerted political pressure to replace horses and hand-drawn rickshaws with rickshaws electric or battery-powered rickshaws.
  3. What is special about Matheran?
    There are around 38 designated viewpoints in Matheran including the Panorama Point which offers a 360 degree view of the surroundings and also of the town of Neral.

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