In Noida, a woman creates a “mini hill station” with 3000 plants

OWherever you look in Alia Wasim’s house in Noida, you will find climbing, creeping and growing plants in a variety of pots.

While the 50-year-old housewife has lived in Noida for 20 years, she has found that the limited space in apartments places many restrictions on what she can and cannot grow. “Despite the lack of space, I had planted about fifteen young trees in my old house”, recalls the “plantaholic”.

So five years ago, when she moved into her current home, it turned out to be a great opportunity – because there was almost no greenery around her, she could start from scratch. and cultivate whatever his heart desired.

Today, the house and its surroundings are filled with more than 3,000 plants. There is hardly any space that has not been covered by lush vegetation.

The entrance and a balcony of Alia’s green house.

Alia was born and raised in Kodaikanal, the scenic hill station. She has loved growing plants since childhood, having spent much of it in a 28-acre garden house. Both of her parents being gardening enthusiasts themselves, she lived amidst an abundance of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

“I’ve never been used to heat and pollution. After moving to the bustling city, all I could think about was the shade and coolness of the trees back home. But I worked hard to create this mini hill station in the city itself. Now I say no to vacations and road trips, because this place itself is heaven,” she says.

Organic fertilizer from household waste

Alia maintains an organic garden using only natural, homemade manure. It prepares various types of fertilizers and bioenzymes. She has also set up a compost pit for her kitchen scraps and sometimes collects trash from nearby fruit and egg vendors.

Alia says compost manure accelerates plant growth, no matter what it produces – fruits, flowers or vegetables. Her garden is full of chikoo, guavas, pomegranates, peaches, and papayas, as well as seasonal flowers and foliage plants. Its repertoire of vegetables includes brinjals, ladyfingers and chilli for everyday use.

In the concrete jungle of Noida, a woman creates a
The mother of plants.

Alia’s husband owns a yarn factory in Noida, where he also grows many plants. He also uses manure prepared at home for his plants.

Their home has six spaces to exclusively grow Alia’s favorite plants – four balconies and two patios. Most of the items here are low maintenance houseplants. In addition to these, seven varieties of fruit are also grown on the terrace.

Of all these, bougainvillea is Alia’s favourite. It has more than 12 varieties, which adds to the charm of the house. She also receives help from a gardener who works two hours a day.

In the concrete jungle of Noida, a woman creates a
All green spaces.

Alia says that due to the vast green cover, her house stays cool even in the scorching summer. There is always a wave of fresh air inside the house.

“My advice to everyone is to try to plant at least one sapling in your home. You will feel proud of this decision later on. It will make you and your home healthier and happier,” says- she.

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Edited by Divya Sethu

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