How to use the Hill-Top Farm Map

Of all the different farm maps in Stardew Valley, the Hill-Top Farm is the best for mining because of its unique layout. Here’s what you need to know!

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  • Everything you need to know about the Hill-Top Farm map

When starting a new game in Valley of stars, players will be able to choose the type of farm they wish to inhabit for the duration of this game. However, once a player has made a selection, there is no going back! It is therefore crucial that players understand what each one does and what type of farm will work best for them.

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Of the 7 possible farm maps, Hill-Top Farm is best suited for mining, so Valley of stars players who want to collect the most stones, ore nodes, and geode nodes should choose this location to begin their stay in Pelican Town.


Everything you need to know about the Hill-Top Farm map

stardew valley hilltop farm map

Hill-Top Farm Mining Potential Map

Firstly, the most notable feature of this card is the availability of mineral resources that the player can harvest at will. In the southwestern part of this map, there will be elevated terrain with lots of stones and knots to mine. Whenever this small board is emptied of items, it will reappear between 7 and 13 new stones and nodes every 4 days. Occasionally, an obstacle will appear at the entrance to the stairs, such as a large stump, large log, or boulder, meaning players will sometimes need specific tools to clear their main mining area.

Hill-Top Farm Map Agricultural Potential

There are a number of ledges and water tiles on this map thanks to the many cliffs and stream that adorn the area, however, there are still plenty of farmland tiles for farming as well as a number decent non-tillable but buildable tiles tiling.

  • Number of cultivable tiles: 1648

  • Number of non-tillable but constructible tiles: 930

Hill-Top Farm Fishing Potential Map

While fishing is entirely possible here thanks to the stream running through the farmland, this running body of water does not offer the best chance of catching something good. There is a 50-50 chance between catching a real fish and a junk, so players looking for water-based products need to be patient and bait. The fish that can be caught here are the same ones that can be caught in the river tiles in the Cindersap Forest. It means that the fish available on the Hill-Top farm are mainly Chub and Dorado.

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