Horse riders pedaling forward on the Bree Hill Mountain Bike Trail

The BREE Mountain Bike Club is one of the active and forward-thinking organizations of its kind in the country and the work its members have done to develop mountain bike trails on Bree Hill has been fantastic.

It is a sport which is becoming extremely popular in Ireland and Wexford is widely regarded as one of the best mountain biking sites in the country with a network of trails at Forth Mountain, Sliabh Bui, Tara Hill and Mount Leinster, in addition to the trails of Bree.

The Bree MTB Club has hosted several downhill and enduro races in recent years and top riders from all over Ireland regularly visit Bree Hill to sample its range of highly technical and feature rich tracks.

While the race has been on the back burner during the pandemic, the club is eager to resume racing in 2022.

Speaking of the plans ahead, club member Philip Nugent said the organization aims to host a national downhill series round and a grassroots enduro race in the coming months.

Races like this are a real spectacle and help showcase the incredible work of the club’s trail builders and spectators are always welcome.

However, next month the club will host an event aimed specifically at encouraging more women to play the sport.

The all-female female social spin will take place on October 2, however, this particular event will not be aimed at newbies. There will be a beginners event later in the year.

Instead, the event on October 2 will be led by women and girls who know the Bree Trail and include some of Ireland’s best horse riders.

The event will start at 10 a.m. and end at 2 p.m.

Bree MTB has a very positive relationship with the local residents as well as with other users of the hill including hikers, horse riders and occasional walkers. Motorcycles are not allowed on the hill.

“It is truly a shared space and has provided a much needed recreation area for people during the various phases of lockdown,” Philip said.

He pointed out that the October event is specifically aimed at promoting the sport of mountain biking for women and girls in hopes of encouraging more women interested in the sport to get involved in the club.

“This is the only women’s social tour for non-beginners,” said Philip.

“We will be having a beginners event later in the year,” he added.

The October event will also be a showcase for non-spectators.

Pre-registration is required and more details are available on the Bree MTB facebook page.

Mountain biking and recreational cycling have become extremely popular in Ireland in recent years and with facilities like Bree Hill available to enthusiasts, it’s easy to see why.

The people involved in the Bree club are also people who have years of experience in the sport and therefore can offer great advice in terms of the best equipment and techniques to use if someone is new to the sport. the sport.

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