Hilltop finishes to complete the challenging 2022 Tour of Britain route

The 2022 edition of the Tour of Britain will feature both its northernmost start and its southernmost finish, as the race ventures from Aberdeen to the Isle of Wight over eight challenging racing stages and attritional – with the global battle set to rage from the first stage to the last.

Taking place from September 4 to 11, the bumpy and constantly trying course of this year cement the recently acquired status of the Tour of Great Britain as an ideal preparation for the world championships, with all stages except at least 2,000 vertical meters.

Picking up where last year’s race left off, the big start will be in Aberdeen ahead of the first summit finish in modern Tour of Britain history, which will end at Glenshee Ski Centre. While the 9.1 kilometer long Auchallater military road is stable – the last five kilometers averaging 4.8 per cent – ​​it will nevertheless ensure that the favorites for the general classification must be on their toes from the start.

The race will then traverse the now familiar roads of the Scottish Borders, hosting the Tour for the second time in three years, for a first finish in Duns, before crossing to England for stage three between Durham, remarkably the first time the City have staged a stage debut and Sunderland.

Map of stage 2 of the Tour of Britain 2022

Map of stage 3 of the Tour of Britain 2022

The fourth stage of Redcar to Duncombe Park in Helmsley marks the long -awaited return of the race in the North Yorkshire after 13 years, and will play a crucial role in the choice of the general winner – the last 30 kilometers in the ascents of Carlton Bank (two kilometers long at a grueling 9.8 per cent average gradient) and Newgate Bank (two kilometers at six per cent) before the descent to the finish.

Map of stage 4 of the Tour of Britain 2022

After a brief respite from the relentless climb of stage five in Nottinghamshire, the route heads south for a full first stage in Gloucestershire and a scenic coastal run in Dorset the next day.

Map of stage 5 of the Tour of Britain 2022

Map of stage 6 of the Tour of Britain 2022

Map of stage 7 of the Tour of Britain 2022

The Tour will then end as it began with a hilltop finish, in what organizers are calling the “biggest sporting event ever” on the Isle of Wight.

The spectacular 150km final stage route from Ryde promises to offer stunning scenery across the English Channel and towards the Needles Rocks as the peloton races along the stunning Military Road. After gorging on the natural beauty, runners will face the toughest finale of the race’s modern iteration – the two-kilometre climb to Tennyson Down, with ten percent gradients in the final 400 meters .

Map of stage 8 of the Tour of Britain 2022

Organizers are hoping this year’s event, and its grueling finale, can emulate the 2021 edition’s GC home-and-away battle between eventual winner Wout van Aert and Ethan Hayter, with the Belgian champion snatching only the Hayter shoulder leader jersey on the last day.

“As promised when we revealed the host regions of the Tour de Great Britain in February, this year’s race has a certain number of surprises, nothing more than arrivals at the top of a hill to start and finish the eight days world-class competition,” said race director Mick Bennett.

“Creating a course that encourages aggressive racing and brave tactics from day one will enhance the reputation of the race, leave over one million spectators watching in person for free with lasting memories, showcase the breathtaking beauty of our host sites, and repeatedly entertain a world audience. ”

As always with the Tour of Britain, you can’t please everyone and today’s route announcement – as we saw even after the February teaser – inevitably drew complaints from fans struggling to understand why the race won’t pass their front door.

Thankfully, the Tour’s communications team has long proven they are up to the job of dealing with the moaning online:

Most fans, however, are more understanding:

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