Hill Top Café Fredericksburg, Texas

Hill Top Cafe: This 1930s gas station surely holds a lot of stories if the walls could speak. The 1930s cranked gas pumps are still standing, but beyond that this little station turned cafe serves great food and live music. Photo by Gary Warren / ladailypost.com

Welcome: The Hill Top entrance is very typical of an old gas station. The old screen door with the advertisement for the bread welcomes you. When it is crowded, patrons can sit at folding tables with red Coke chairs or sit on a weathered pew seen on the wall near the doorway. Above the door is a welcome sign and the grille of a late 1940s Buick. Who wouldn’t want to look any further! Photo by Gary Warren / ladailypost.com

Formerly of Los Alamos

Located on top of a hill about 10 miles north of Fredericksburg, TX at the intersection of US Highway 87 and County Road 648, is a gas station dating from the 1930s. indicates a description, it is “badly located in the middle of nowhere”.

Old cranked gas pumps from the 1930s still stand outside the station, but all that’s served these days is delicious food and Texan blues music at the Hill Top Cafe.

We’ve passed this place a few times at 65 mph, but it always catches my eye. We saw it on weekend evenings with a crowd of people and a parking lot full of vans and a car or two and we saw it at different times of the week where maybe a few vehicles can be present but it There was still activity around this old gas station.

On a recent trip to the area, we made it a point to stop and check out the place. To our surprise, the menu consisted of a mix of Greek, Cajun and Texan dishes. The vegetables were fresh and the fish we ate were delicious. Almost every square inch of the cafe’s wall space was covered with memorabilia of many interests, but mostly music-related.

Live music is a big thing in Central Texas and the Hilltop Cafe is no exception. There is an area in the corner of the cafe for musicians. Live music is played most weeks from Thursday evening through Saturday evening.

These are the wonderful surprises that we love to find while traveling. We love the unexpected, whether it’s a cafe, a museum, or whatever we visit along the way. This little cafe is now on our list of must-see places nearby. Maybe on a next visit we will try the fresh homemade desserts!

Editor’s Note: Longtime Los Alamos photographer Gary Warren and his wife Marilyn were traveling across the country before the pandemic and he shared his photographs, which appear in the “Posts from the Road” series published in the Sunday edition of Los Alamos Post of the day.

Antique Pump: A crackle Texaco logo decorates the side of one of Hill Top Cafe’s antique gas pumps. The pump area on the right side happens to be facing south and has suffered the full brunt of the aging marks of rust and peeling paint in the hot Texas sun where the left side faces the shaded side and remains in good condition. Photo by Gary Warren / ladailypost.com

Live Music: We visited the Hill Top Cafe on a Tuesday around 2pm so the live music was silent during our late lunch. Live music takes place Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings most weeks and at other random times. The “stage” area is a corner of the café, decorated with signs, posters, records and many other objects. Photo by Gary Warren / ladailypost.com

Walls: Signs, photographs, license plates and even a mounted deer head are just a sample of the memorabilia that covers each wall of the cafe. Also seen here are Hill Top Cafe t-shirts for sale. You could walk for an hour and not see all that these walls have to offer. Photo by Gary Warren / ladailypost.com

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