Hill station ‘Charekh’ is 225 km from Delhi and 2 hours from Lansdowne, do office life in peace here

Many of you will want to get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and spend moments of peace. Most people like to spend their holidays in such places, where there are less crowds and where you can comfortably enjoy the number of days you have spent. Such an undiscovered hill station exists in Uttarakhand. Charek Hill Railway Station, just 225 km from Delhi and only 2 hours from Lansdowne, is a very beautiful place where you can spend moments of peace. What is interesting is that after driving 5 hours from Delhi, you can walk around and come back home. Let us tell you about this place.
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There are fewer people here –

Charekh Hill Station is an unexplored hill station, about which people know little. Due to not knowing much, there are less people here. Most of the time, you will see a large number of Delhi tourists here, the reason is common, because Lansdowne is very close to Delhi, and after visiting here, people also leave Charekh Hill Railway Station. It is such a place, which explains a different meaning of natural beauty for the tourist. No pollution and no traffic will be seen here. Coming here, you will find yourself close to nature.

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Charekh Hill Station in cold weather –

In winter, you will see snow-capped mountains here, and in the morning, people will love the sun in the sky. Also the setting sun with the stars, the greenery all around will mesmerize you. The beautiful trees here give a different experience to stay at Charekh Resort. You can witness magnificent sunrises and sunsets in the resort here. The song of over 200 birds can be heard here.

There is a ban on everything from clothes to shoes in these countries, in the Maldives women cannot wear a lot of bikinis.

Stations here

Here in the resorts you will see all kinds of flowers, which will look like an alien appearance. The fragrance of these flowers will surely lift your mood. There are two types of rooms for your stay at the resorts here, you will see a basic room which is quite comfortable and large enough. Cottages are also available here for family time. You will get food like home from the places here.

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Here are the adventure facilities and stuff –

The resorts also offer you all kinds of adventure and entertainment related packages. It includes hiking, horseback riding, outdoor and indoor games, bird watching, nature walks, fun stay. Lots of yoga and meditation are also practiced here for people who love fitness. Wi-Fi is also available 24 hours a day. Keep in mind, definitely capture the beauty here in your phone.

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Places to visit around Charekh –

Tourists can also see a lot of beautiful things around. There is also the nearby Rajaji National Park National Park, which is only 20 km from Charekh. Tourists can enjoy the 12 km forest road. Here you can also spot animals like elephant, deer, leopard, rabbit, tiger. If you want to make the trip more exciting, then visit Danda and Rishi Charakh’s Sidhbali Temple. There are other tourist places near the resort that you can visit such as Tarakeswar Dham, Jim Corbett, Lansdowne, Shoonya Shikhar Ashram and Gumkhal, Dwarikhal.

How to join Charek Danda –

Charek Danda Pauri is located near the town of Kotdwar of Garhwal district, about 5.5 km from Etah. It is about 35 km from the main town of Kotdwar. Before the Siddhabali temple, a small bridge followed by a road leading to the villages upstairs will take you to this destination. Local buses to Kotdwara depart from nearby towns such as Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Pauri, etc. The nearest railway station to Charakh Danda is located in Kotdwara. Dehradun Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport to Charakh Danda. Direct buses are also available from Delhi to Kotdwara.

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