Emma Kearney named to sixth consecutive Australian team

Emma Kearney is interviewed on stage.Credit:AFL Photos/Getty Images

Melbourne skipper Daisy Pearce has been named in the forward line alongside teammate Tayla Harris, with Demons defender Libby Birch and ruck Lauren Pearce also making the final squad.

This is Pearce’s first selection as an All-Australian since 2018 and her third time in the squad.

Adelaide midfielders Ebony Marinoff and Anne Hatchard also made the squad, with defender Sarah Allan and Australia’s first striker Ashleigh Woodland joining them in the starting 16.

Woodland is also joined by four other debutants, including Fremantle vice-captain Hayley Miller, Brisbane Lions defender Natalie Grider and Bulldogs midfielder Kristy Lamb.

Lions winger Orla O’Dwyer also received his first cap and became the first Irish AFLW player to make the All-Australian squad.

AFL Coaches Association Player of the Year Emily Bates was the team’s third Lion, which was selected by a 10-person panel chaired by the former Olympic swimmer, sports administrator and commentator Nicole Livingstone.

The panel also included former North Melbourne men’s coach Brad Scott and ABC commentator Kelli Underwood.

Emma Kearney

Emma KearneyCredit:AFL Photos via Getty Images

Australia captain Kearney is joined by Kangaroo teammates Jasmine Garner on the exchange and Ash Riddell in midfield.

Richmond and Collingwood were the only other AFLW clubs to select multiple players.

Tigers midfielder Monique Conti was named in the trade and striker Katie Brennan was selected as centre-forward.

Magpies defender Ruby Schleicher and midfielder Jaimee Lambert also made the final cut, with Schliecher the only one of the two in the starting lineup.

Carlton’s Kerryn Harrington also found a place on the trade for her third All-Australian selection.

Seven players from last year’s Australian Women’s AFL squad have returned to the side this season.

Meanwhile, Carlton midfielder Mimi Hill has won the AFLW Rising Star award, beating Gold Coast Suns midfielder Charlie Rowbottom by one vote.

Hill is averaging 21.5 kills this season after suffering a season-ending injury in his rookie season in 2021.

The 20-year-old was nominated for the 2022 award in the fifth round after racking up 25 touches, 340 yards gained and four tackles in a loss to Adelaide.

Mimi Hill.

Mimi Hill.Credit:AFL Photos/Getty Images

Behind Hill and Rowbottom were North Melbourne’s Mia King in third place, Geelong midfielder Georgie Prespakis in fourth and key Melbourne striker Alyssa Bannan in fifth.

Rising Star Hill was also named to Australia’s 40-man AFLW squad, but was not named to the final squad.

In other news, Adelaide ruck Montana McKinnon will miss Saturday’s Grand Final after failing to appeal a one-match ban in the AFLW court on Tuesday night.

McKinnon failed to overturn a rough driving suspension against Fremantle’s Kiara Bowers last weekend.



Ruby Schleicher, Collingwood
All-Australian 2021. 11 games in 2022.

Libby Birch, Melbourne
All-Australian 2020. 11 games in 2022.


Natalie Grider, Brisbane Lions
First time All Australian. 11 games in 2022.

Sarah Allan, Adelaide Crows
All Australians 2020 and 2021. 11 matches in 2022.

Emma Kearney, North melbourne (VS)
All-Australian 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. 10 games in 2022.


Orla O’Dwyer, Brisbane
First time All Australian. 11 games in 2022.

Emily Bates, Brisbane
All-Australian 2017 and 2018. 12 games in 2022.

Anne Hatchard, Adelaide
All-Australian 2019 and 2020. 11 games in 2022.


Hayley Miller, Fremantle (VC)
First time All Australian. 12 matches in 2022.

Katie BrennanRichmond
All-Australian 2021. Nine games played in 2022.

Daisy Pearce, Melbourne
All-Australian 2017 and 2018. 11 games in 2022.


Ashleigh Woodland, Adelaide Crows
First time All Australian. 11 games in 2022.

Tayla Harris, Melbourne
All Australians 2017, 2018 and 2020. 11 matches in 2022.


Lauren Pearce, Melbourne
All-Australian 2019. 11 games in 2022.

Ebony Marinoff, Adelaide Crows
All Australians 2017, 2019. 11 matches in 2022.

Ashleigh Riddell, North Melbourne
All Aussie 2020. 11 games in 2022.


Jasmine Garner, North Melbourne
All Aussie 2020. 11 games in 2022.

Jaimee Lambert, Collingwood
All-Australian 2020. 11 games in 2022.

Monique Conti, Richmond
All Australians 2019 and 2021. 10 matches in 2022.

Kirsty Lamb, Western Bulldogs
First time All Australian. 10 games in 2022.

Kerryn Harrington Carlton
All Australians 2019 and 2020. 10 matches in 2022.

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