Devastating losses as Chalk Mountain fire rages

GLEN ROSE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Some North Texas families are trying to figure out their next steps after losing their home in the Chalk Mountain Fire.

Nearly 100 people are working to slow the spread of the fire which is still burning in Somervell County before it does more damage.

The blaze is only 10% contained, while affected families showed CBS 11 just how much they had lost.

Chase Barber returned to his family’s 200 acres of land after being evacuated and found most of their possessions had been destroyed after the fire ripped through where he lives in Bluff Dale.

“Within a few hours our whole life changed and we had to evacuate from here and it just kept burning,” Barber said.

Texas A&M Forest Services said the heat and dry conditions played a role in bringing it under control.

Some flare-ups have occurred overnight and crews are focusing on getting the fire within a certain perimeter and preventing it from spreading.

The efforts are too late for the Barber family property.

“We saw him coming up the hill there and he was roaring and you know he was getting closer and closer and they told us to evacuate and we’re waiting,” Barber said. “The moment we walked out of here it was like walking through a tunnel of flames.”

Today, five of his family’s homes on their land are gone. Some of his cattle were injured and they lost some of their chickens.

Barber said the hardest part was getting to know the land his veteran grandfather bought after the destruction in World War II.

“They’ve had it in the family ever since,” Barber said.

Barber is himself a veteran. He said she was grateful for what was left.

“The Glenn Rose community and all of the businesses there have been amazing,” Barber said. “We’re grateful we haven’t lost any families in this mess, but we’re going to have to rebuild.”

The Barber family said they plan to contact their insurance company to find out more. In the fire, 16 houses were destroyed, five houses were damaged but fortunately no injuries were reported.

Meanwhile, volunteers continue to help out with donations and help crews with anything they might need.

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