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Coonoor is one of the best hill stations in India. Here are some of the most exciting things to do in Coonoor.

Coonoor is a hidden gem among the Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu, and it is a naturally endowed hill station in South India. Coonoor enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year, so you can plan your itinerary in Coonoor at any time. Located close to Ooty, this picturesque hill station has lush, velvety tea gardens and is famous for producing delicious Nilgiri tea. But sipping hot tea and gulping down delicious views across the valley are just a few of the things to do in Coonoor. Here are some of the best things to do in Coonoor:-

1. Ride on the little train

A little train ride in the hills is always fun, whatever your age. With three coaches and a seating capacity of 254, the Nilgiri Mountain Railway toy train departs from Mettupalayam, a town near Coonoor, and climbs up to Ooty. The train passes through scenic green valleys, dark tunnels, and lavish coffee plantations, and throughout the journey, good weather is a plus.

2. Hidden Valley Trek

hidden valley

If you love green valleys, this place is a must visit. This hiker’s paradise is 20 km from the large town of Coonoor and offers great views for tourists. You could picnic here with your friends and family, and if you prefer to photograph stunning views, you should bring your camera.

3. Katary Waterfall

Katary Waterfall

If you want a more challenging trekking expedition, Katary Waterfalls (India’s most amazing waterfalls you must see) is the perfect place to see in Coonoor. A bit away from the city center, the Katary waterfalls are two-tiered and quite an attractive site. You will be enveloped by the luscious Nilgiris as you trek to the falls. Here is an interesting part: you will see the Kateri hydroelectric system on the way up, which happens to be the first hydroelectric power station in India.

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4. Lamb’s Rock

the lamb's rock

Considered one of Coonoor’s top tourist attractions and a must-see for nature admirers, Lamb’s Rock offers mesmerizing views of the surrounding valleys that are hard to miss. It is a romantic gem for couples and a famous picnic spot for families with children. Admire panoramic views of Coonoor, tea and coffee plantations, lush vegetation, thick cloud-covered forests and the plains of Coimbatore all under one roof. It is undoubtedly a delight for lovers of experience.

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5. Highfield Tea Factory

Highfield Tea Factory

Head into the rolling, verdant Indian countryside and learn about tea making at Highfield Tea Factory. A guided tour of the farm teaches visitors about the process, from planting and fermentation, to brewing. The visit ends with a tea tasting. In the processing factory, admire the making of tea from a bird’s eye view. Before you go, head to the souvenir shop and buy a box of your favorite tea flavor.

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