Construction of the Finn Hill Mountain Bike Trail will begin next month (6 photos)

Recent circumstances have shown that most of us connect with the outdoors more frequently as a way to stay fit both physically and mentally.

Cycling has become one of those popular pastimes.

As restrictions have slowly eased throughout the summer and events and activities begin to realign with our new reality, perhaps now is the time to consider consulting with the Sault Cycling Club (SCC) and his Finn Hill mountain bike trail project.

SooToday has reached out to the group to review their latest updates. The CCN was delighted to share that trail construction for this project will begin in mid-September.

Funds raised for the construction have reached $ 94,000 from generous donors in the community, but the group is still hoping for a title sponsor. The goal is to raise $ 150,000 before work begins on the trail.

Another project in which the club is involved, and will take responsibility for maintenance when completed, is the Farmer Lake project.

“The Farmer Lake project in Hiawatha Highlands is well advanced by professional trail builders, Sentiers Boreals. world! ”explained Cindy Pruce, CSC Director of Communications.

In addition to new trails and upgrades to the existing system, the club has also restarted hikes and group programs under strict COVID guidelines.

Last June, the group hosted their Kids Shredding Singletrack (KSS) program, which aims to introduce children aged 10 to 15 to a non-competitive environment while emphasizing fun and safety.

The success of the program prompted the club to offer it again in early September. Sessions will take place Tuesday evenings at Hiawatha Highlands at 6.30 p.m. from September 7 to October 12.

An overnight bike racing adventure was organized by the club for its members last week. The group of cyclists rode over 80 km each way and spent the night outside in shelters they brought with them. A second overnight bike trip is scheduled for members in mid-September by the club’s tour director.

Group outings are also planned for members with a different route for riders of all levels every Wednesday.

Volunteers are also now allowed to continue with trail construction and maintenance activities since restrictions relaxed. There is a lot of information on trail building or responsible training maintenance on their website, and the club is always happy to have your help.

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