Charlie Puth translates NJ slang – do you know these phrases?

Strangers, listen. We in New Jersey have our own language. You may recognize the words we say, but they might have a different meaning in the Garden State.

Charlie Puth recently sat down with Bustle to break down Garden State lexicons. Do you know the meaning of these NJ phrases?

“The boss”

Puth passes the test in that he knows that term, of course, refers to Bruce Springsteen. However, he admits that the first time he heard people shouting “Bruuuuuce” at a concert, he thought they were booing!

“Twenty Regular Species”

A Garden State staple. Anyone in New Jersey who has put gas in their tank knows this one.

Natnan Srisuwan

Natnan Srisuwan


It’s not really slang, more a lifestyle, but whatever.

Charlie calls it the “superior convenience store” and I agree.

“The city”

The meaning of this would vary if you are from North Jersey or South Jersey. The Rumson native shows off his Central and North Jersey roots by saying ‘the town’ refers to New York.

South Jerseys, however, would say “the city” is Philadelphia.

Manhattan lost nearly 7% of its population in 2021, leading the country to decline among major counties

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Apparently he heard Tony Soprano say it once. I would say that is far from a Jersey phrase.

Or maybe you didn’t tell me we were saying that now?

Jacques Gandolfini

Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

“Jeet again?”

Apart from the townspeople, let me fill you in. It’s the quickest way to say “have you eaten yet?” or basically “are you hungry?”

It’s the passive way of saying “I’m hungry, how about you?” »

“Which exit?”

This one is self-explanatory. We all know our way out.

“Jersey Slide”

That’s where Charlie has to revoke his NJ card, he didn’t know! The Jersey Slide is the movement we make when we wait for the last second to switch from the left lane to the right lane to arrive at our exit.

Come on, Charlie!


Foreigners who arrive on the Jersey Shore with their shoes earn this title.

The lower part of men’s feet in white socks and sandals

Mykola Komarovsky

Puth concludes the video by saying how much he likes New Jersey people to be shameless themselves, and I agree!

Watch the full segment here:

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