Call Kanatal! A perfect resort for an offbeat getaway in Uttarakhand

Kanatal Hill Station: Are you someone who enjoys wandering through the woods, chasing gurgling streams, wandering through lush meadows, and getting lost amid mesmerizing mountains? Well, whether you’re ok with one or all of them, we’ve broken down a perfect getaway for you. Kanatal, a quaint and quirky hill station, is just a neighbor alongside the commercialized Mussoorie and Dehradun. Nestled in the valleys of Uttarakhand, this city remains in its unsullied glory.Also Read – 5 Peaceful Hillside Retreats Near Noida You Can Escape In June

This hill station is a personification of the rendezvous with nature. It is surrounded by greenery of apple orchards, densely vegetated forest trails, rhododendrons, pines, deodars and has a tinge of adventure along the trails. The surreal surroundings of this place transport one to another land full of daydreams.

Surkanda Devi Temple

For those who wish to explore a bit of religious history, the Surkanda Devi Temple is located just 10 km from Kanatal. With an easy hike of 2 km, one can cross the doors of this temple dedicated to the goddess Sati. The story of this temple tells how it was the place where Goddess Sati’s head fell while Lord Shiva carried her after she immolated herself. This religious shrine is also known for its 360-degree panoramic views and intricate architectural work.

Kodai Jungle

Kanatal’s Kodai Jungel is an idyllic place to hike forest trails. One can hike through the forest, enjoy a short game drive and observe wildlife. Once inside, you won’t be able to resist laying down a picnic tablecloth. Yes, this is where you can take a picnic basket, board games and spend some quality time with friends and family.

Camp under the stars

Like we said, this place is just the perfect getaway. Apart from exploring the nuances of nature, one can also pitch a tent and camp here. With a bonfire warming the surroundings, food and music on the plate, one is sure to enjoy a rejuvenating evening. And as night falls, the sky glistens with twinkling stars. Maybe try to find your constellation?

adventure sports

Where there is room for treks and camps, an adventure junkie can easily sniff out other adventure sports activities. To get thrills in your vein, you can indulge in adventure activities like valley crossing over a nearly 80 feet deep valley, rock climbing, abseiling and some others. Some packages are also available with local guides.

Doesn’t this seem like the perfect package with just the right amount of everything? From adventures to quiet meditations, the hill station of Kanatal is an unmissable alternative to Mussoorie or Dehradun. It is an offbeat destination in Uttarakhand where one can relax amidst the clouds on top of the mountains.

Reach Kanatal

In order to have an authentic Pahadi experience, it is best to stay with typical Kanatal homestays. Living in these well-built mud houses also offers a chance to mingle with the colors of the locals and their hospitality. Also, good connectivity adds to the experience as it allows travelers to reach Kanatal quite easily. It is connected to some major cities if one opts for an exciting road trip. For flights or railways, travelers will need to disembark at Dehradun and then book a taxi or bus to Kanatal. Traveling here is no big deal!

Kanatal is a sound of tranquility, you must experience it right away!

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