Bradley Mountain Farm in Southington Hosts Goat Yoga Classes – NBC Connecticut

There may have been more members in Saturday’s yoga class than actually signed up. This is because he was standing inside a goat pen.

Right now we have 50, but it always comes and goes. We love babies,” said Anneliese Dadrase, owner of Bradley Mountain Farm.

Goats of all sizes were far from shy. They joined us, some jumping, stumbling and relaxing like you do in yoga.

“It’s my first time doing goat yoga, it’s on my to-do list,” said Chelsea Eaton, from Bethlehem. “I’m so happy to be here for my future sister-in-law’s bachelorette party.”

“I think I stroke more goats than I do yoga,” said Sonja Koni of Rocky Hill.

Instructor Jennifer Tirillo says it’s all part of the practice, especially since goats enjoy being petted and interacting with people. While she does goat yoga for fun, Tirillo has been teaching yoga at Newington since 2012.

“I always explain to them that it’s supposed to be fun. If they show up for a serious vinyasa flow, that’s not our trip for today. It’s really just to incorporate some movement and breathing, but also to be here with all the goats,” Tirillo said.

Bradley Mountain Farm began offering goat yoga classes in 2017, two years after the farm opened. Today, he offers a variety of goat programs.

“Goats in sleepovers, goat cuddle therapy, goat birthday parties, parades,” Dadrase said.

So the next time you’re looking to get out, laugh, or get active, roll out your mat with your friends, family, and a few ambitious yoga members.

“They love, they love to climb. Goats just want to be with you, and they can transmit their energy to you,” Dadrase said.

You can go to the farm website to register for a course.

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