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MIDDLEFIELD, CT (WFSB) – At a mountain park in Middlefield, biking is truly a four-season sport.

Channel 3’s Dennis Valera learned to ride a ski bike at Powder Ridge in Middlefield.

Snow biking is one way to hit the slopes of Powder Ridge.

It may look like skis, and some parts certainly are.

What cyclists actually ride is a snow bike.

It’s one of the ways to make sure everyone can hit the slopes of Powder Ridge.

“One of the things about Powder Ridge is that we want everyone to be on the snow, right?” said Tom Loring, Client Services Manager, Powder Ridge. “We have our little play area for kids 5 and under, we have tubing, and we have skiing and snowboarding. And bikes are just another opportunity.”

The frame looks like a typical bicycle. At the bottom are two skis.

Then, on a snowboard or ski boots, riders put on another set of small skis.

The four points of contact help balance it all out.

Loring said its popularity comes from how easy it is to pick up.

“You’ve heard the expression, it’s like riding a bike, right? So it’s like riding a bike,” he said. “It’s a very short learning curve. You can successfully get on a chairlift, for most customers, in less than an hour. So it takes you straight up the mountain.”

Channel 3 put it to the test.

Instructor Christopher Curtin demonstrated the basics, from snapping skis to proper posture.

Another reason it’s a popular alternative to skiing or snowboarding is because its design is easy on the joints.

After all that, the rider is almost ready to go.

Once at the top of the “magic carpet”, at the top of the practice hill, Curtin demonstrated how to turn and brake.

Both involved using body weight to move in the desired direction.

After a few tries, Curtin took Channel 3 up one of the steeper hills.

Took less than an hour to get on it, as Loring said.

To snow bike in Powder Ridge, people will first need to take a lesson to make sure they know how to stay safe.

As long as the park is open, guests can ride snow bikes.

Powder Ridge is open daily except Mondays. It is recommended to purchase passes online in advance.

More information can be found on the Powder Ridge website here.

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