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BENGALURU: Bengaluru’s famous weather is aptly named this monsoon. Cloudy skies, short but recurring episodes of rain and the sun playing hide and seek on rare occasions – citizens soak up everything.
Twitter is full of cloudy and cold weather posts. From the lack of motivation to work to the difficulty of drying their clothes, Bengalurians produce memes and jokes. “Is it only me or Bangalore feeling like Ooty right now?” Read a tweet from Vandana Sharma.

The Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Center (KSNDMC) has announced that parts of Bengaluru will experience rain and overcast skies until Saturday evening. He predicted “a generally cloudy sky with isolated very light to moderate rains in the city”.
While Bengaluru has continued to receive intermittent drizzle for almost a week now, the weather has become a topic of discussion for internet users, many of whom criticize it for not having done any work and even portraying it as a hotspot. envy for other cities in the country. which are currently damp and slightly warm.
“Impossible to do the job”
Twitter user Shrinivassg said: “How are you working even in this weather” in Bangalore “, while policy researcher Rakshith S Ponnathpur tweeted:” Dear Bangalore weather, can you suck for a few hours by day so we can all work?
Another Twitter user, Shruthi, shared the thoughts of several netizens: “The Bengalurus should have an enjoyable vacation in addition to the vacation policies! Sathwik tweeted, “The weather in Bengaluru right now is like this friend -” Aree bhai chal na, bad mein kar lena kaam (Hey bro, let’s go, let’s work later) “.
Some have argued that the city’s weather is the best in the country. “Bengaluru has the best climate among metropolitan cities in India. Change your mind! ”Sachinn tweeted.
Dinesh Nair shared a photo of a hazy city skyline with the tweet: “I’m confused. Am I in Namma Bengaluru or in Manali? And it does not overflow (with tourists)! Crazy time. Types of hill stations very! It is a truly wonderful city to live in! Time, impossible to have that in any other part of India! A user with the handle @BLRrocKS agreed with Nair. “The weather in Bengaluru is so great this morning! Looks like a hill station. Enjoy Maadi! ” he tweeted.
Netizens also shared memes celebrating the weather – from frozen TV characters to their own images in sweaters and socks.
Some miss the sun
However, not everyone was enthusiastic. While some Bengalurians said they hated the gloomy weather, some felt it made their allergies worse.
Shashi T, a technician, said she sneezed because of her allergies and suffered from headaches. “I know my opinion is going to raise eyebrows, but I’m sick of this time. While I love the feeling, it’s scary during a pandemic to cough and sneeze,” she added. .
Kirti Patnaik tweeted: “Unpopular opinion. I’m sick of the cold and the rain in Bengaluru. I desperately want the sun.

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