ASHAMED… Hyderabad police arrest Hill Top owner Steve in drug-related case

Office Goemkarponn
ANJUNA: A few days after alleging that the Goa police were not cooperating with the drug investigation, the Hyderabad police arrested another restaurant owner from Anjuna in the drug case.
While the owner of Curlies has been arrested in the Sonali Phogat case, Hyderabad police have arrested another restaurateur, Steve D’Souza, owner of the famous Hill Top restaurant.
Anjuna Police said Hyderabad Police led by Sreedhar Reddy of Detective Inspector of Police Osmania) University Police Station Hyderabad City, Telangana State arrested two people, John Stephen D’Souza @Steve , implicated in Cr No 374/2022 Us 8c w 22 (c). 27 of NDPS Law Osmania University Police Station Hyderabad City, Telangana State and he is apprehended for the same.
Tukaram Salgaocar is the second person arrested in this case by Hyderabad police.
Police said Sreedhar Reddy requested the assistance of Goa Police to apprehend the accused and Manzur Ahmed, Vikas Naik, Ramesh Chowhan, Edwin Nunes, Sanja Gowekar in Cr No 374/2022 Us c)w 22(c ), 27 of NDPS Act.
Police said the same was discussed with PI Anjuna PS and delegate PC 7668 6645, LPC 8585 and LHG Akshada for the necessary assistance.
Goa Police have found themselves in a difficult situation after Telangana Police accused the former of not cooperating with a drug-related case.
“There is nothing to hide. I openly say to Goa Police that you will not cooperate with us,” Hyderabad City Police Commissioner CV Anand told a press briefing in Hyderabad.
Hyderabad: City Police Commissioner CV Anand has accused Goa Police of not cooperating with their Hyderabad counterparts in narcotics cases. He said Hyderabad police had sought help from Goa police in narcotics cases but did not cooperate.
The remarks come in the wake of the investigation into interstate drug traffickers. Hyderabad CP was speaking at a press conference on drugs, dark web, cryptocurrency and couriers.
Recently, Hyderabad Police Narcotics Enforcement Wing (NEW) busted a gang and arrested 2 interstate peddlers and 6 local peddlers. Interestingly, one of the two interstate peddlers, hailing from Haryana, is based in Goa. CP said that the names of some of Goa’s big drug traffickers appear in Goa dailies.
“After the death of BJP leader Sonali Phogat due to drug abuse, local Goa newspapers actually questioned what the Goa administration was doing (or was it sleeping) when the police team of ‘Hyderabad was arresting and taking out of state drug dealers,’ said CP Hyderabad (Telangana) [India],
Hyderabad police said on Thursday that the
the drug traffickers involved in the Sonali Phogat case are all from Goa, but the main accused has still not been arrested.
“After a survey of all drug users in our area, we have come to know that their peddlers are Pritish Narayan and Edwin, and they are both from Goa,” said Hyderabad Police Commissioner CV Anand.
“Our team went to Goa and caught Pritish but could not arrest Edwin. During the Sonali Phogat case, Goa Police named Edwin as one of the suspects. We learned that all the peddlers involved in the case were from Goa only,” he added.

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