Area coaches predict tighter Fort Hill vs. Mountain Ridge game

Dec 4 – CUMBERLAND, Maryland – When chatting with area coaches one thing was constant – they thought Fort Hill-Mountain Ridge II was going to be a tighter football game.

The last time Mountain Ridge and Fort Hill fought, the Sentinels ran away with 37-7 at Greenway Avenue Stadium. Now the two meet for the 1A title at the Navy-Marine Corps Stadium in Annapolis.

Here’s what some local football coaches think of the rematch:

Bryan Hansel Allegania

“These are the two best teams I’ve seen this year, athletic on both sides,” said Hansel. “For me, selfishly, I wish they had played Frostburg State. But I’m glad these kids got to experience Annapolis and all that for our city.

“If Blake White is healthy then Fort Hill is really good. I think he’s been the best player, MVP all year. Offensively, Mountain Ridge is going to get it. They’ve figured it out. stuff with some areas against us and they brought (Jaden) Rosales back on the offensive line.

“I think it’s a much closer game this time around. I just think Mountain Ridge has a game plan in place, a hunger in them. The Mountain Ridge that you saw against Fort Hill, with all the turnovers they made, was not the one I know of. “

Phil Carr North

“I think it’s pretty neat that we have the opportunity to have two teams from West Maryland playing,” Carr said. “I think these are definitely the top two teams. We know the State Championship is coming back to West Maryland. They’ve taken care of their opponents pretty easily throughout. I think that will be a really good one. football game, closer than before, so Mountain Ridge can avoid turnovers.

“That’s what Mountain Ridge can do with their passing game. The first game we watched Fort Hill was able to play man-to-man and put the pressure on (Bryce) Snyder. adjustments, give him time to pitch, it’ll be a different game. I think they’ll still have a hard time running the football against Fort Hill. “

Kevin Whiteman Frankfurt

“I think it’s good that two teams from the zone represent the state of Maryland in the championship game,” said Whiteman. “I’m happy for Mountain Ridge, this is their first time in a state championship game. I know the coaches there worked hard to make it happen, and at Fort Hill too, they have. a rich tradition.

“I hope it’s a good game and both teams play strong. They both bring different elements. They have a strong running game in Fort Hill and they can throw the ball too. spread out on offense and throw it around. Different styles, I think it’s going to be a good game. I think it’s going to be tighter than the last game. “

Derek stephen keyser

“One of the best things Maryland has done was change the playoff system,” Stephen said. “In the past, you would have had Allegany, Fort Hill, Beall, Westmar and the Garrett County teams stuck in the area. It shows the talent we have in this area, particularly in 1A and in Maryland.

“Fort Hill had the best of them earlier in the year, there was a lot of preparation for this game. Mountain Ridge made adjustments, and we saw that when we played them. improved throughout the year. I think it will be the shootout, one of those games that goes down in history. “

Alex Rychwalski is a sports reporter for the Cumberland Times-News. Follow him on Twitter @arychwal.

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