Apex Mountain Resort opens a week ahead of schedule thanks to heavy snow – Penticton News

Pack your ski and snowboard gear to hit the slopes at Apex Mountain Resort, the hillside is teeming with fresh powder.

After 90 centimeters of quality snow fell on the hill last week, Apex Mountain general manager James Shalman said the hill will be able to open a week earlier than expected, now welcoming guests Dec. place of December 10.

“It’s absolutely amazing and made the conditions at Apex closer to what you’d see in mid-January than this time of year. Conditions wise we could probably open the mountain tomorrow , but we haven’t trained any staff yet.”

Shalman has previously spoken of her concern about be able to staff the complexexpected to hire approximately 150 employees.

But since the job fair at the Lakeside Resort, he said Apex was in a much better position.

“Things went well, much better than expected. We still need more staff, but I mean we certainly have enough staff to operate the complex. There is a significant amount of training and coordination to prepare staff to run the complex and know exactly how to make everything work.”

Much of the ongoing work consists of safety risk management efforts, with signage in place, hills properly cleared, and tower padding in place.

“We have 1,150 acres of skiable terrain within our ski area boundaries, we need to make sure everything can be opened up safely,” Shalman said.

The resort also hopes to have a full opening, which means the ice rink, outdoor skating loop and tubing park are ready, among other things.

Shalman said about 15 years ago the ski resort would open around American Thanksgiving, three weeks into November.

“We usually open with a few leads and just more than one very good novelty opening conditioning opening. So it’s definitely not the earliest we’ve ever opened, but it could be the earliest with the best conditions. ”

Although the snow may look tempting, the mountain is still officially closed and people are asked to stay away for everyone’s safety.

“It’s becoming more and more of a problem every year. Especially for riders who just think it’s kind of an open field for them to keep playing.”

“So even if you’re out for a snowshoe or those people trying to poach the ski slopes, it’s a real risk to my abilities and of course we don’t want to put any of our audiences at risk and our staff at risk. danger too.”

The station has its drilling machines running a two-inch-diameter cable down the hill that stretches hundreds of meters to anchor which is hard to see and could easily damage a snowmobile.

“Just stay away from our entire ski area. There are plenty of places to go and recreate before opening day and then we will open safely and everyone will have fun,” Shalman added.

“We’re super excited because the opening is still a little tenuous in terms of what we’re going to be able to open with, what mother nature gives us and to get that quality and amount of snow so early in the season, that could literally be one of the best openings Apex has ever had in its history.

Apex will be open seven days a week starting December 2.

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