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Mickelson Investments Ltd Logging company clearing tracks for community forest. / Joseph Nusse

It’s amazing what can happen when people come together for a common goal. The problem with building a ski resort is that everyone has opinions on the matter. Where should he go? Who should lead it? Who should it serve? What territorial market base will it be inspired by? It’s been 11 incredible years working on this project. The larger project is by no means a done deal, but we can now say with absolute certainty that Valemount will have some kind of ski run open for next winter. To be frank, what that looks like is up to you. You Valemount! Are we up for a one-chair community hill, or would we rather bite on a little tow handle? You Edmonton, you are our closest population base, are you ready for another option to compliment Jasper or rather to always drive south to the ski resorts of Calgary? Are you, British Columbia, ready to build something unlike anything we have built before? And by extension Canada, do you want every Canadian to be able to access the Premier range to see all the natural landmarks we’ve named after our prime ministers? And you, the ski industry, are you ready to adapt and migrate further north and higher in altitude as the low-lying hills fall victim to an ever-changing planet?

This project is amazing. Most people in Valemount are ready for it. Simpcw First Nation is ready for this, and provincial regulators are ready for this. So what about background noise? Well, my approach has been to ignore it. covid? Politics? Protests? Ukraine? How about doing our best to ride the waves as they come? Last week, a longtime local logging contractor began clearing ski trails. The Community Forest is committed to remaining a development partner for the foreseeable future. The Simpcw First Nation looks forward to the development of this project so that they can begin to build a better economic future for future generations.

I have no idea where this country is headed, and I doubt anyone else does either. But I know where we’re going here in Robson Valley is something amazing. If you haven’t done so yet, get started! If you have any skills to offer, let us know. If you have twenty dollars to spend, donate. If you have children, help us motivate them to be healthy, outdoors and active. This project is an extension of the incredible childhood I had growing up in this valley, and what finally started last week is all the proof I need that this is the best and the more exciting than can be found in the world right now.

Joseph Nusse
President Valemount Ski Society

Photo of Yellowhead Pass and its inhabitants showing the extent of the Great Fire several decades later. / Joseph Nusse
Fire hitch still standing after the great CN Fire of 1915. / Joseph Nusse
Upper glades cleared by the community forest 5 years ago, ready to ski in powder snow. / Joseph Nusse
New ski slope cleared to the east (down). The slope will be an easy Blue Run. / Joseph Nusse

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