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Chia Hua Chen

Predator Canada Open champion Amber Chen went undefeated at the Predator Women’s World 10-Ball Championship to advance to the winners’ qualifying round, but current champion Rubilen Amit was sent to the losing side in a 7- 5 against Ina Kaplan.

Jasmin Ouschan picked up her second straight 7-2 victory beating Szu Ting Kuo, while Kelly Fisher, Chieh-Yu Chou and Eylul Kibaroglu were among those who remained on the winning side ahead of Thursday’s qualifying round.

Allison Fisher was pushed all the way by Claudia von Rohr to claim a 7-6 victory, but there was no such drama for tournament host Ouschan, who put in a confident performance for his second victoire.

Kuo won the delay but a dry break immediately brought Ouschan to the table, and she cleared him for an early lead. Kuo was able to respond right away but Ouschan made it 2-1 with a brilliant jump on the 6, and it was soon 3-1 when Kuo got too carried away on the 10 and gave Ouschan a simple finish.

Fortune was not with Kuo who then scratched his break and could only sit back and watch Ouschan extend his lead. Kuo managed to bring it back to 5-2, but a hit attempt to double the four didn’t go through in the next rack, and to make matters worse for the Chinese Taipei player, the position was left. perfect for Ouschan who made it 6-2.

Kuo followed his next break with a smart jump shot, but his subsequent safety hit an uncalled 5. Another chance came when Ouschan missed and scratched on the 4, but she failed with a 9-ball jump that became her last action of the game.

“I think my performance was even better than yesterday,” Ouschan said. “Playing against a top Taiwanese player is always difficult. Kuo is one of the best in the world, so definitely not the second easiest game. But so far I’m happy with my performance; I think the safety play and kicking could be better, but that’s okay.

“I will analyze it and try it better tomorrow. Now it’s the team’s turn, so I’m happy so far and I’m taking all that energy with me for the team match.

“I received flowers from a spectator here and she came up to me and said thank you for giving me so many magical moments. I thought that was such sweet feedback. And, you know, it gives me energy and motivation. It’s so sweet that with what I do, I can actually touch people and reach out to people.

While Ouschan won on one table, April Larson and Chia Hua ‘Amber’ Chen were in action on the other. A baggage delay meant Larson was borrowing cues from Tyler Styer, but that didn’t seem to affect her as she put on an impressive display for the United States in the Tag Team Championship on Tuesday night.

Chen has just won the Predator Canada Open, the first time she has traveled overseas since the pandemic, and she once again showed her quality and class, edging Larson 2-2 to eventually win 7-3.

Rubilen Amit won the last 10-ball world championship held – in the Philippines in 2013 – but will now have to qualify for the last 16 on the losing side after a 7-5 loss to Kaplan of Germany.

Play continues from 9 a.m. Thursday with three more rounds, including qualifying the winners.

The draw and draws for the Predator Women’s World 10-Ball Championship can be viewed here: Play continues Wednesday at 9 a.m.

The Predator World Tag Team Championship draw and brackets can be found at Play continues Wednesday at 4 p.m.

The event airs two tables with full live coverage and commentary every day. One will be available on the World Billiard TV YouTube channel and another on All tables can be viewed live on

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