A “vehicle-free” mountain resort in Asia

Matheran is a small eco-friendly hill station and one of the best hill stations in India in Maharashtra, on the outskirts of Mumbai. It sits about 2,625 feet above sea level. Matheran is a hill station in Maharashtra with red mud that will transport you back to your childhood enjoying outdoor games, horses to ride you, monkeys waiting to greet you and grab your hiking snacks, and lush green jungle and waterfalls. Doesn’t this remind you of your childhood? Well, it doesn’t matter, you can still enjoy the same things even after you grow up.

You can do a day hike in Matheran with some of my friends at monsoonand everything is full of greenery, with waterfalls gushing from the mountains and monkeys waiting to plunder travelers.

Let us tell you, if you want a quick getaway from your hectic city life and business stress, this is the best place you can plan.

Why choose Matheran?

  1. It is an eco-sensitive hill station announced by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of India. We need to support these places because it’s good for our environment and for us to be surrounded by untouched places. Plus, you don’t need to stray far from the city to enjoy the rains.
  1. You are far from the hustle and bustle of the city and also from air pollution and noise, but you are not very far to get home in a day.
  1. Discover Asia’s only eco-friendly hill station that has banned all kinds of automobiles from entering its boundaries to conserve the place.
  1. The most fun is to walk/hike or ride a horse. The locals also prefer bicycles, which we, the merchants of the city, have completely forgotten about.
  1. They also have a particular garbage police cell, with a fine of Rs.1000 if someone happens to litter the streets.

How to reach Matheran?

You can take a train from Mumbai and get off at Neral station, and the trains are empty on weekends, so don’t worry about getting run over in the Bombay crowd. From Neral Station, you can take a taxi to the foothills of Matheran (Aman Lodge), and that’s where you enter this relatively small town, away from all the hustle and bustle and mostly noise and pollution air. If you live in Pune, you can take the Sahyadri Express. You can take the little train from Aman Lodge, ride a horse or hike. If you plan to stay here and carry luggage, it is best to opt for the train option.

Points to remember

Please ensure you leave the city no later than 5:30 PM as it is very dark and can be risky descending to catch a taxi back to Neral station or home. We were a bit late and could barely see anything in our way on the way down, plus it started to rain! Walking in the dark takes about 3-4 hours to descend.

Pack all the trek essentials like a flashlight for the night trek, a bottle of water, snacks and food if you get stuck anywhere, raincoats if you are visiting during the monsoon, and good non slippery hiking shoes.

What can you do in Matheran?

  1. Point Louisa
  1. Escalation
  1. Neral-Matheran Toy Train
  1. Dodhani Waterfalls
  1. Chanderi Caves Trek
  1. Kalavantin Pinnacle Trek
  1. Porcupine Point for sunset

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