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SITUATED at an altitude of 5,688 feet, Gorakh Hill is located in the Khirthar mountain range, about 93 km from Dadu and 500 km from Karachi. Recently I visited the hill station. It took us three and a half hours to reach the top of the hill from Wahi Pandhi. The condition of the roads was very bad. Wall barriers were missing at several dangerous bends along the road.

There are hotels in Zero Point, but the room prices were so high that we decided to take a tent. Prices for edibles and beverages were at least three times higher than the original price.

Gorakh Hill is known as Murree of Sindh due to its spectacular views and cold weather. At ground zero, there is a small path along the edges of the Gorakh cliff, with Balochistan on one side and Sindh on the other. The best thing about this place is that tourists can see the sun rising from the mountain ranges of Sindh and setting behind the hills of Balochistan. But the parapet was either broken or missing at the site, and many people moved close to the cliff to take pictures without realizing the risk to their lives.

The provincial government should provide appropriate facilities for visitors and organize first aid facilities to handle medical emergencies. It is also important to have a police picket on the way to the top of the hill station. In addition, tourists should avoid using their vehicles and motorbikes, and should use local jeeps and professional drivers who know these paths.

Rahman Sarwar Channa

Posted in Dawn, May 30, 2022

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