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RAWALPINDI: No more than 8,000 vehicles will be allowed to enter Murree despite the town having a parking capacity of around 3,500 vehicles. Additional passenger vehicles will be parked single-sided along the roads during Eidul Fitr.

As part of security measures, public service vehicles without a route permit would not be allowed to enter Murree, traffic chief Naveed Irshad said.

The city’s traffic police have drawn up a traffic plan for Murree during Eidul Fitr and the summer season with the deployment of over 350 people.

As part of the traffic plan, vehicle counts have started at all entrances to Murree to ensure that the number of vehicles does not exceed.

350 police officers deployed to ensure traffic flow during Eid holidays

A traffic police spokesman said unlicensed drivers will not be allowed to enter Murree and helmet restrictions will be required for motorcyclists.

Awareness and orientation brochures will be distributed to tourists at Murree Toll Plaza and at all entrances. Awareness banners have also been deployed along major highways to guide tourists.

The spokesperson said Mall Road would remain completely closed to normal traffic. He said five highways in Murree have been declared one-way while buses will not be allowed to go beyond Lower Topa.

Vehicles going to Azad Kashmir will use the highway. All types of parking will be prohibited at GPO Chowk and surrounding areas for smooth traffic.

A control room has been set up in Sunny Bank for quick assistance and orientation of tourists.

It has been noticed that thousands of vehicles enter Murree on the occasion of Eidul Fitr and long lines of vehicles are seen on the roads in the hill stations.

At some point, traffic police and district administration have to restrict/prohibit entry of vehicles due to lack of parking and accommodation.

Meanwhile, the new Murree Tourism Police (MTP) reunited a missing child with her parents and a young man with his family on Monday. In addition, the MTP also rescued three passenger vehicles that had broken down.

Meanwhile, Murree Tehsil Administration and Rawalpindi District Administration have issued travel instructions for the convenience of tourists.

The following roads in Murree will be one-way: Bank Road, Hall Road, View Fourth Road, Kaldana Road, Laksha Road, Cecil Road and Pindi Point.

The administration ordered tourists to follow travel rules and cooperate with traffic police. In the constant flow of traffic, no parking would be allowed along the roads.

People should not stop vehicles along the main road to take selfies. Noise and tape recorders are not allowed in public places and on the roads. Tourists should pay special attention to cleanliness and dispose of garbage in designated places.

Heavy vehicles are not permitted during the summer season. All types of vehicles and motorcycles are prohibited on the Mall Road. Do not throw anything around the road that could cause a fire. For the convenience of tourists, control rooms were set up at Jinnah Hall while highway and traffic police control rooms would also operate.

Posted in Dawn, May 3, 2022

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