7 On Your Side: Staten Island DoorDash Customer Gets More Than Italian Ice After Hit-and-Run

RICHMOND HILL, Staten Island (WABC) — It was a door-to-door delivery disaster for a Staten Island woman who just wanted some dessert but instead got extra help from bumps on her new SUV in a hit-and-run .

It was up to Nina Pineda and 7 On Your Side to help make the biggest food delivery service pay.

The DoorDash delivery man crashed and then rushed in, and it was all caught on a neighbor’s Ring camera.

“I saw this and freaked out,” client Kaitlyn Coghlan said.

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Her Buick is her baby, and the hardworking millennial works seven days a week holding down two jobs to pay off her student loans.

In early April, she ordered a treat after work.

“I didn’t want to go out,” she said. “It was too cold. I was like, you know, just let me DoorDash.”

She ordered $25 Italian ice cream for her family from Frank, and a few minutes later the DoorDasher appeared, crawling around looking for her address.

He drove past, so he backed… straight into his SUV.

“Then I drove off and parked on the block,” Coghlan said.

But the delivery man stopped, got out and made his delivery.

“He walked over and handed me my order, and that was it,” she said. “Didn’t say anything. Didn’t say, ‘Hey, is that your car?’ “Do you know who owns this car or anything?” “I accidentally hit him. Nothing.”

The Dasher drove off, checking the damage to his car and then his own before driving away.

“I didn’t notice it until the next morning,” she said.

The estimate to repair the damage was nearly $2,500, which Coghlan said she couldn’t really afford right now.

She said she contacted DoorDash customer service, but the company would not share any information about her driver due to a privacy policy. But they told her to try to find her insurance information.

“I spoke to the supervisor, and all she said was, ‘We don’t have any further information at this time, we’re still waiting,'” she said. “‘Once we hear from them, from the appropriate team, we’ll get back to you.'”

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We contacted DoorDash, who called the incident “unfortunate and understandably frustrating”, adding that the driver had been “removed from our platform”.

He connected Coghlan to her insurance company, and within days she was reimbursed for all damages. DoorDash even offered a free rental while his car is fixed.

“I would say thank you and appreciate all of your help,” Coghlan said.


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