10 Best Side Quests In Breath Of The Wild, Ranked

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is cited by many as one of the best games of all time, and for good reason. There is plenty to do in the game, including dozens of side quests that allow the player to delve deeper into the lore.

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While not all of them stand out, it’s the variety of side quests that adds so much to breath of the wild. Some offer epic rewards, while others offer intriguing stories. From photographing the bones of a large beast to building an entire city, some side quests deepen the player’s experience more than others.

This article contains spoilers for Breathe of the Wild gameplay.

ten Hyrule puzzles are the ultimate test

A Korok standing atop the Deku Tree named Walton has a series of puzzles for Link to solve, which he claims is “the ultimate test”. The puzzles range from simple to difficult. “Small, red, round, sweet” asks Link to bring an apple to Walton. “Kakariko’s Specialty Fruit” is Fortified Pumpkin, and “Sensory Mushroom That Will Warm Your Bones” is Sun Mushroom.

“Scales and a tail that will zap you” refers to a Voltfin trout, and “Starts with an H and ends with an oof” has Link slaughtering a Lynel for its hoof. The reward for completing all the puzzles is a diamond, but the interaction with Walton is worth its weight in gold.

9 Misko, the big bandit hides a lot of loot

The amount of loot that can be acquired from “Grand Bandit Misko” makes it one of the best side quests. Players can find Treasure Hunters Prissen and Domidak at Dueling Peak Stables. In exchange for 1,000 rupees, they will let Link know where the great bandit Misko’s treasure is supposedly in the form of a riddle.

They tell Link, “The little twin spans the little river. My cave rests above the source of that river.” If players climb the waterfall near Hickaly Woods and bombard the rocks at the top, they’ll find a cave filled with loot, including gems, hearty roasted truffles, a Flameblade, and more.

8 Royal Guard equipment can be sold for a princely sum

Parcy has never seen any Royal Guard weapons, so she enlists Link to help her find some in Hyrule Castle. There are five different weapons overall to find: claymore, spear, bow, sword, and shield, and there’s more than one of each.

Some weapons are wielded by monsters, while others can be found on their own, so even a low-level link can sneak up and grab some. Parcy will give 300 rupees for each, so this side quest is a good income. Apart from that, it encourages exploring the many rooms in Hyrule Castle.

seven Special Delivery is a touching story of true love

Finley, a young Zora, has a love letter she wants to publish. However, she has to send him down a river because she promised her mother not to venture too far. Finley entrusts Link with finding the person who retrieves the letter. He must follow the letter container downstream, destroying obstacles and enemies along the way.

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Eventually, the container will arrive at Mercay Island, where a traveling merchant named Sasan receives the letter. Sasan feels bad for lying about appearing in Finley, but Link tricks him into going to Zora’s estate and meeting her. Returning to Zora’s domain, Link can find Finley and Sasan together. They thank Link for introducing himself to their soul mate by giving him a gold rupee.

Link meets the flamboyant Bolsen in the village of Hateno. He and his construction crew are about to demolish the house, but for the price of 3,000 rupees and 30 bundles of wood, Link can buy it. Once Link has collected enough wood and rubies and bought the house, he can use it to sleep and restore his health for free.

There are also plenty of customization options, including weapon racks, bed, lighting, and door fixtures, as well as a panel with Link’s name on it. Besides the practical benefits, it’s good for Link to have a place he can call his own.

5 The white royal stallion is a horse fit for a princess

Talk to Toffa at Outskirt Stable and she will tell Link about a white horse that can be seen around Safula Hill. Seeing the legendary Royal White Stallion roaming the wild for the first time is a sight to behold. Link must sneak up on the horse and mount it, then soothe it until it stops trying to knock it down.

Players will need some stamina for this side quest, as the Stallion can take a while to cool down. After bringing it to Toffa, she will tell Links that the horse is a descendant of the one that belonged to Princess Zelda. She will also give Link a royal saddle and a royal bridle.

4 The Thunder Helm provides tons of wealth

The Thunder Helm protects Link from lightning. This very useful item means Link doesn’t have to take out metal weapons every time there’s a storm. To acquire the Thunder Helm, he will need to complete all side quests in Gerudo Town.

The townspeople have all sorts of problems for Link to solve, including fetching Molduga guts for someone who got sick, finding out who’s polluting the water, and helping someone open a jewelry store. Each side quest offers either a reward or access to new items, making them lucrative endeavours.

3 Korok’s trials are a tall order

Korok’s Trials include three shrine quests. The first, Trial of Second Light, involves Link trying to find his way through the mist-shrouded forest using metal rocks in the mouths of trees as a guide, while also being attacked by monsters. The second trial, The Lost Pilgrimage, has Link following a Korok named Oaki unseen.

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For the third trial, The Test of Wood, Link must use Korok weapons to fight his way through the forest without breaking any. It requires careful rationing of actions and emphasizes headshots with the Forest Dweller’s bow. Overall, this is one of the longest and most difficult side quests, it remains one of the most interesting and unique.

Leviathan Bones is a quest that takes Link to three different corners of Hyrule and has him act as a photographer. Talk to Brothers Akrah, Onya, and Garshon in Serenne Stable and they’ll assign Link the task of taking pictures of three Leviathan skeletons.

Leviathan Skeletons can be found in the Gerudo and Hebra regions and in the Eldin Mountains. The quest motivates the player to explore, and there is a sense of satisfaction and awe upon discovering the huge and impressive skeletons. The reward for showing the photos to the brothers is a gold rupee.

1 Starting from scratch is a long but satisfying journey

The longest side quest in the game involves gathering several different items and resources to build an entire city. After buying the house from the Hylian Homeowner quest, Bolson will send one of his colleagues, Hudson, to Akkala to clear some land.

From there, it’s all about venturing far and wide to find the people and resources Hudson needs to develop what will eventually become Tarrey Town. There is a great sense of pride to be felt once the city is completed, and the player can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

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